5 January 2019

Dad's birthdayThe old man is getting older and today he turned 71 – looking good for his age I reckon!We even managed to drag him out to the beach for a short walk which was a result.

Seriously though, I am hugely grateful for all the time we get to spend together, for his influence in and on our lives and the fact that our children get to spend time with him. The Little Miss really dressed to impress for this beach walk!

This evening my sister and I went for a nice meal with Dad at a local pub. It was lovely to have a catch-up without any children bothering us!

Happy Birthday Dad. We love you x

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Day 357


Today is my birthday. I have had a lovely day; church followed by lunch at a restaurant and mince-pies and tea at my cousins house with the rest of the family.

Quiet and relaxed and I am very grateful for my lovely family and friends who are around me.

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Day 348

Birthday boyToday my beautiful boy hit the grand age of 6.

He is the most wonderful boy, amusing, obsessed with Pokemon and hilarious. I am so proud of him in the way he has come on at school with his drawing, writing and reading and the fact he is popular and has lots of friends.

Always happy to give cuddles, it can be frustrating when I wake up to find he has snuck into bed with us, but an early morning snuggle is something to be treasured.

We love you Bear, keep being you and keep being wonderful.

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Day 209

Birthday girl

The Little Miss is 4 years old!!

I can’t believe that this little bundle of fun is 4 already and she has been so looking forward to this day. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind to us and the bouncy castle we had booked was cancelled due to the winds but we still had a fabulous birthday party down at my Dad’s house.

I am so grateful that we have this little girl to keep us on our toes. She makes me both howl with laughter and she makes me utterly furious at times. She is unbelievably stubborn and stroppy and she is currently perfecting an excellent range of tantrums. She is also kind and loving and especially loves her cousins and grandparents as well as her pussy cats.

Eliza my darling we love you so much. Keep being feisty and stubborn. I’ll get some more gin in. That should see me through x

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Day 107

My sister is 40!

Today this funny face is 40!!!!

My little sister is 40 today and despite being jet-lagged, tired and busy we went out for a meal to a local restaurant. I even made her a Black Forest Gateau as that is what my Mum would have made us as a birthday cake!

I am hugely grateful that I have a sister. We haven’t always got on though, there was a period in my life when I was really struggling and I wasn’t very nice or kind to her. However, I don’t want to dwell on that. We got through it, made up and have been great friends since then.

Since Mum died she has been the most amazing support, especially with the kids and I am grateful that I have her to moan at, complain about the kids behaviours with, catch up on the gossip, drink wine with, share walks with her stupid dog.

So fishface I love you. Happy birthday xxxx

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Day 29

Birthday boyToday is The Mister’s birthday. Unfortunately we were all working or at school but we managed to go out for dinner this evening before I went to choir.

I love this man with my whole heart. He is generous and kind and I am so happy that I get to share my life with him.

He is one of my very biggest blessings. Happy birthday Paul x

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Day 5

Dad's 70thToday my amazing Dad hit the ripe old age of 70 – I still think he is looking pretty young!

We had a little party for him. These days it feels like we should seize every opportunity to spend time together and celebrate the good things.

We had a fantastic night out at a local restaurant who could not have helped us more. Completely amazing…. and this fabulous cake topped off the evening.

So Dad, Happy birthday. You are truly an inspiration and we all love you very much… now onto Uganda for a trip with him and my sister to check out some This is Epic Charity projects. Amazing!

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A year in pictures – Day 357

Birthday Chinese

Today is my birthday. 21 again of course!

This evening we went for a fantastic meal at a local Chinese restaurant with friend. It was lovely to eat non-Christmassy food, drink decent wine and cocktails and catch up with our friends. Happy days.

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A year in pictures – Day 210

Party day

We had planned to have a little party in the garden at our house today but it has been absolutely torrential rain!

We decamped to my Dad’s house as he has a lovely spacious conservatory and a prize=winning garden that looks nice from inside!

The Little Miss had a lovely party and was happy to wear her party dress, accessorised in her own style of course!

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2016 Project366 (Day 358)

Birthday walk

I have had the most brilliant birthday today – I think I enjoyed it even more than the big 4-0 last year maybe it was less of a big deal so it just felt lovely.

It has been the most beautiful day so this morning I walked to the beach and met my sister and cousin and the kids down there. We spend a good couple of hours walking the dog and the kids spent ages playing on the sand and jumping and rolling around. We then met my Dad for lunch at the local pub.

This evening The Mister and I went on the bus into town with my cousin Beccy and he husband Pierre to see my cousins band Clameur de Haro play. It was a fab night out and we even experienced the entertainment of the night bus home.

Thankyou for all your gifts, cards and best wishes. It has been a fabulous day!

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