Team Collymochon Day 1 – London


So, the day of the much anticipated Williams/Worthington holiday to Turkey has arrived.

1After about 4 hours sleep we met at the airport in Guernsey to fly to Gatwick on the red eye for a day out in London. Originally we had planned to fly to Gatwick, leave all our luggage at the Premier Inn and travel into London for a day of sightseeing before returning to Gatwick to sleep before travelling the next day. Unfortunately Turkish Airlines buggered up our plans by cancelling our flights and rescheduling so we flew out of Heathrow. So, we had to take our luggage and leave it in left luggage and then we had a lovely day out.

3Our first stop was The Natural History Museum. The boys absolutely loved the dinosaur exhibition and eagerly trawled their way through the exhibits. The Little Miss however was absolutely traumatised by the animated T-rex. They enjoyed the earthquakes and stuff like that, but the mammals section was looking tired and dates because the exhibits are all so old and (quite rightly) they will not replace them with new stuffed animals.

5We had a quick lunch before heading to the British Museum where we looked at more Egyptian artefacts and as usual I marvelled at the truly glorious roof.

By now the kids were starting to revolt so we decided to walk to Covent Garden and on the way we found a small play area where they burned off some energy for half an hour or so and then we went to watch the street performers in Covent Garden. We finished with dinner at Wagamamas – unfortunately The Little Miss forgot she was sitting on a stool and fell backwards and now has a huge egg on her head!

2We then collected the luggage from Victoria and headed to Heathrow but Martin missed getting on the train so Emma went back to find him and left us with all 4 kids. The Little Miss sobbed all the way to Heathrow, both because she was missing Martin as well as being too tired to cope.

Finally we reunited and got the kids to bed and the boys went to drink beer in the bar and I drank wine in the bath. Onwards…. to a flight tomorrow to Turkey. Wish us luck

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