Team Collymochon Day 2 – Heathrow to Istanbul

7Another reasonably early start as we anticipated carnage at the airport. Turkish Airlines have been a nightmare to deal with before today but actually on the day they have been brilliant.

We had a really good 4 hour flight and the food was pretty decent and we each had an entertainment system so 8all the kids were happy. We arrived at the new Istanbul airport which opened just last week. It is slick and shiny and has some beautiful internal architecture. The queues for passport though were pretty tricky and no-one seemed to really know what they were doing.

We had arranged an airport collection and found them before heading to the hotel an hour away. By this time it was about 9pm UK time and ewe still had to feed the children, so we headed across the road from the hotel to a kebab place and ate a huge amount of bread and meat. It was delicious.

Tomorrow we have a busy day of sightseeing, if only these horrible children would go to sleep!



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