Team Collymochon Day 6 – Turunc


We have had the most delightfully chilled out day after running about like lunatics over the last few days. It was been lovely to not have a schedule!

38We had a relaxed breakfast before wandering down to the little village of Turunc. It is a fairly typical fishing village which has a lovely natural harbour. At the moment there are not so many boats moored up as it is still early in the season and there are not heaps of tourists so we more or less had the place to ourselves. I can imagine that it is heaving in the height of summer.

We walked right along the edge of the harbour as far as we could go and watched the people getting boats ready for the water. Whilst we were having dinner in the evening a huge boat was being pushed along by a tractor and then they launched it.

37We have discovered that the children really are quire feral and they required a good run out at least twice a day. The Little Mister is a little like a rock in a catapult – he doesn’t just walk… he propels himself at great speed everywhere. So we took them to a little playground next to a building site and let them let off some steam before having the first icecream of the day.

We had lunch by the pool at our villa and then let the kids go swimming. The HPB Physkos site is absolutely gorgeous. The villa is plenty big enough for all of us and is really well equipped. We have a little pool right outside our villa and then there are two heated shared pools on the site. So far the kids have swum in all of them!

We had a delightful afternoon of swimming (kids), reading (adults), relaxing and doing very little. The kids also explored the games and activities are before a torrential downpour stopped play.

We wandered into the village to have dinner and then we returned and put the kids to bed and Emma and I spent a very happy few hours doing a jigsaw and watching a film. A perfect day.


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  • Ruth

    More Longlais feet then !
    Glad to see you have put them up now. xx

    Comment | April 19, 2019
  • It’s been 20 years since I went to Turunc, but I was there in the height of summer and it wasn’t heaving (mainly because the people who want to go somewhere heaving go to Icmeler or Marmaris). I remember it as a bit shabby too, but relaxed and laid-back, I had a lovely time, and there were a smattering of really great restaurants. I stayed in the Hotel Iffet (not sure if it’s still there – if you were in the sea looking towards the village it is the last but one building on the right of the bay). I remember being there during the 1998 World Cup, it was absolutely jumping in the evenings when there was an England game on, much louder than the daytime!

    Comment | April 20, 2019

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