Lockdown Day 52

Today would have been my Mum’s 70th birthday. So, mostly I cope OK without her but birthdays and anniversaries are always a bit harder, and coupled with being hormonal meant I was a bit of a an emotional mess this morning. I couldn’t cope with home schooling. I couldn’t cope with stroppy children. On more than one occasion I left the room for a little cry this morning.

There was another briefing at lunchtime which seems to suggest that Guernsey is still managing the covid-19 situation really well. We are down to 7 active cases and no new cases for 15 days – pretty good going, so a there is a little more relaxation and the kids are likely to go back to school on 8 June, although only for 2 days a week. I have to admit that made me happy.

Things improved after lunch though when I went out for a lovely walk with my husband, kids, Dad, sister and niece and nephew. We had a glorious walk through the Orchid Fields at Rocquaine, through the lanes of St Saviours to the Silbe Nature Reserve and back again. It was perfect – warm when we were out of the wind and the hedgerows and views were heavenly. I have missed being all together, we are so much stronger when we are together. My sister and I also popped up to Mum’s grave to leave some stones that the kids had painted.

Mum would have thoroughly approved of the time we spent together. I think she would have been so proud of all of us – how we are coping without her, and mostly thriving in spite of her absence. I so wish she was here though. I miss her every single day.





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