Lockdown Day 59

Wooohooooo today is a monumental day!!! The States of Guernsey have announced that our delightful, charming children are heading back to school full-time on 8 June. I am absolutely delighted and my liver is saved! The kids are less than pleased. They have also announced that hairdressers etc can reopen so, I made sure I took a pic of dad’s massive hair before he had it all cut off!

This afternoon we went for a lovely, but breezy walk with my sister and the kids (and their grubby dog!) and we ended the day with a church Zoom quiz which was fun.

59.8 59.9


59.2 59.4



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  • Catherine Le Tissier

    Love it!! I certainly have never seen your dad quite so hairy!!
    So the kids are getting back to school that is great. You would have been mortified if they had wanted to go back!!
    Sounds like you have done a brilliant job. Well done guys!
    Love you guys.
    Will quiz together next time!!

    Comment | May 22, 2020
  • Our grandchildren are quite keen to get back to school to see their friends, especially Daniel who has missed football so much! Parents very happy!

    Comment | May 23, 2020

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