Tuesday 6 April 2021

6.1It was absolutely freezing when we woke up! We repaired from warm bed to sofa with multiple blankets for a little while whilst admiring the view. The main problem was the wind and it was very blustery today – it kind of gusted up under the bottom of the tent which made everything feel chilly. Oh yeah, and it was sleeting for a but – perfect!

We headed out for a quiet wander around the Little Chapel. This place is so cute and was constructed by Brother Deodat in 1918 – it has recently undergone some substantial remedial work as it was subsiding and they have done a brilliant job in restoring it. It looks better than every. We had lunch at Patois Brasserie which was very nice.

This afternoon my sister dropped my niece and nephew off to stay the night. One of the best things about this site it is feels really safe. We have the kids play area just behind out tent and there is a big games room. The kids are free to roam about and it is lovely to have a bit of breathing space.

We finished our day with fish and chips and then the kids watched a movie on the iPad in the den bed which is where the niecelet and nephewlet are sleeping. The sunsets from here are just monumental – so beautiful.

The wind really picked up at bedtime and whilst the structure felt really secure, the canvas was very noisy. It didn’t keep me awake though! The bed is terribly comfortable.

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