Wednesday 2 June 2021




2.5We woke up torrential rain today which was less than satisfactory as we had planned a day trip to Herm with my sister and her kids. In the end we decided to crack on with it and the weather picked up and we had a lovely day.

When we arrived we stopped at the gift shop and the kids bought plastic shite with their pocket money and then we headed to the beach. As we took Obi with us we were not able to go to the usual beaches so we ended up right at the North end of the island. It was lovely as there was just us on the beach.

We had lunch at the usual Herm lunchtime (anytime after 11.30) and the kids played on the beach and I read my book whilst my sister attempted to stop Obi stealing food and eating socks and shoes. We took a walk around some of the cliff paths and then had an ice-cream before heading to the boat at 2.30.

It was such a brilliant day but I was shattered and had a nap when I got home. A perfect day!



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