Thursday 17 June 2021

17.1I am having one of those days when I am feeling really down on myself.

I have been following Joe Wicks health eating plan for a while and lost a reasonable amount of weight and toned up but over the last few weeks I have lost the plot a little bit. I have been eating badly and struggling to exercise and I have put some weight back on and I feel bloated. I am just tired and not feeling it.

Tonight I went to Zumba after a few weeks off. I wore my fabulous new leggings and the whole session cheered me up.

I would love to be thinner, I wish I looked a little different BUT I am proud of how functional my body is these days. I can dead lift weights I didn’t think possible, push myself to do more exercise than I have done before and I am enjoying the feeling the exercising gives me (except today – a crampy right calf is almost convincing me a might have a DVT!)

Whilst I might want to be thinner I am happy to be fit. I remind myself that my body is holding up quite well these days although there is still work to be done.

I even have a whole drawer devoted to active wear. Who would have thought that eh?!

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  • Beryl Williams

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have done really well. You’re beautiful as you are. I don’t know any one who is satisfied with their body. Enjoy and be happy! xx

    Comment | June 18, 2021

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