I have had a really difficult week. It seems that it has just been a load of little things piling up on me all at once and I am not coping terribly, terribly well.

Work has been really difficult. I know I have moaned in the past about the amount of paperwork that I am having to do, but it is now getting to ludicrous proportions. I had supervision with my boss on Monday and pretty much he went on and on about all the things I hadn’t done. Not to mention that I have a caseload of 35, half of which are child protection or pregnant, about another third of them are on drug treatment orders and I seem to spend most of my time at meetings. Not to mention that I have to produce prescriptions for all of them every week, keep my notes up to date and ensure that they get seen once a fortnight. Oh no. He only mentioned all the pissy statistics that I haven’t been doing. So, that was Monday morning and it set my week up badly.

I think I might be hormonal but I am not sure and when I get angry and frustrated I just cry. I have cried every day this week at work and last night I had a really vivid nightmare about my Mum dying and when I woke up I was literally sobbing. It was awful because in the half-wake-half-sleep-like-state I couldn’t work out what was real and what was the nightmare. So, today I has been horrid. I have cried numerous times and I am just feeling a bit wrung out.

Fortunately I am off to see The Mister tomorrow. I need hugs and I need lots of them.

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  • Tractor Girl

    Sounds like complete shit. Massive hugs and an ickle prayer.

    Comment | June 12, 2009
  • Hugs from me too.

    Comment | June 12, 2009
  • Ken

    Go away from work! Go directly from work! Do not pass GO! Do not collect £200! Don’t even think about the ^&*&**&**& for at least 48 hours!

    Comment | June 12, 2009
  • Life sometimes works in crappy ways. I hope you get hugs tenfold!!

    Comment | June 12, 2009
  • Ian

    Hurrah for the Mister — and for weekends.

    Hugs and prayers from Down Under.

    Comment | June 13, 2009
  • Pants

    More hugs from here!

    Comment | June 14, 2009

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