I am having the most fabulous time here at Greenbelt. I have been to a few talks and gigs, chilled out with friends, drunk lots of coffee, wine and organic beer and eaten too much junk food. I feel like I have had a bit of ‘head space’ really… not because it has been quiet… far from it, but because I don’t have to think about work, cooking food, what to do, where to be, what to wear etc etc. There is something very liberating about being in a place where you don’t bat an eyelid at standing in the queue for the (rather grim) portaloos to see someone in their pyjamas next to someone who is dressed as a goth and someone else wearing a tutu and fairy wings. It all seems quite normal somehow.

So, who have I seen? I have heard John Bell speak on ‘God among her girls’. I thought he was excellent. I mean, how often do you actually hear a male preacher speak about strong women characters in the Bible? For me he was extremely thought provoking, especially in the context of the conversation I had with my Dad on holiday about the fact that he thinks I am too opinionated and outspoken to get a bloke!

I went to see the Love and Joy Gospel Choir last night – that was a very happy gig – especially as there were lots of pretty blokes on the stage. I also went to see Matt Redman. I am kind of in two minds about whether I enjoyed it or not. Matt Redman’s music brings back lots of memories for me, and not all of them are positive. Having said that though he is very good at what he does. Tonight I will go and see Delirious, and I will be interested to see whether they have a similar reaction in me.

My real highlights of last night involve the organic beer tent. I started off with the now legendary Beer and Hymns. You have never heard Shine Jesus Shine sung with such gusto and feeling. And of course we had Swing Low Sweet Chariot, complete with actions. It was such fun, but my voice is decidedly husky this morning. After I had wandered around the site a bit pissed I made my way back to the beer tent where I caught up with Peterson Toscano. At this point I should also say that the beer tent appears to have been transformed into a gay bar – I have seldom heard such camp music outside of Old Compton Street. I would like to bring you the full version of his encounter with the fit 18 years olds, but I am not sure he would appreciate me airing his dirty laundry on my blog (he has ‘shared on his own blog so that’s fine!) Suffice to say, I am very proud of him for resisting tempation 😉 It was great to catch up with him, and he seems well on his way to being a Greenbelt favourite which he deserves. I feel I have an important role in his life to keep him grounded!!!!! 😉

Anyway, enough for now… the sunshine and breakfast awaits. Love to you all, dear readers. xxxx

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  • alice

    i loved beer and hyms too – well hymns anyway. agree John Bell very strong and provocative, as ever. lovely to meet you IRL, even only briefly. yay greenbelt!!

    Comment | August 27, 2007
  • Glad you were there for him to make firm his moral fibre (or somesuch rot).

    Missing you.

    But I have a pretty new house to show for it 🙂

    Comment | August 27, 2007
  • Auntie Doris

    Is that a pretty house for me to come and stay in?

    Comment | August 28, 2007
  • Oh it was fab, wasn’t it. And it was sooooo cool to have some time to hang out with you and your boys.

    Comment | August 28, 2007

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