Dear, dear

With reference to my previous post… how is it possible that a new wing mirror costs £312? (before you say anything, yes it does have electrics etc in it but I still think that is bloody expensive!)

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  • bimble

    to have my electric window fixed I need a replacement rubber-ring thingy to hold two pieces of metal together.

    However, they do not sell the ring by itself. You have to buy the two metal parts as well.

    Oh, and they would have to be shipped over from Korea.

    And that would be ~£200 thankyou very much. All for a small, rubber-ring.

    Comment | August 21, 2007
  • Auntie Billie

    Why do you think mine’s been held on with gaffer tape for the last 3 years?? Since an ungrateful client kicked it off!! X

    Comment | August 23, 2007

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