2013 Project365 (Day 129)

Guernsey Liberation DayHappy Liberation Day!

Today, 9 May, is very important to people from Guernsey as it marks the anniversary of the date that the island was liberated from The German Occupying Forces.

The Mister was working until 2pm so The Little Mister and I spent the morning at my parents house although we took a little walk along by the beach. As I walked I wondered what it must have felt like, all those years ago, to finally realise that the long 5 years of Occupation were over. I am pretty sure that none of the islanders had really thought about how bad restrictions were going to become in that time, and at the end most people were surviving on the Red Cross parcels that were able to get through. The relief of Liberation must have been amazing.

I am so very very grateful that I live on this beautiful island. I am thankful for all those people who fought so hard for our freedom, and I am proud of the islanders who stayed went through the Occupation, whether they remained on the island, or were evacuated and especially those who ended up in work camps. Those years proved the resilience and defiance of the Guernsey people and of that I am hugely proud.

This afternoon we went to town to join in the celebrations and I came across these women, I think they were a singing group, but I think they look fabulous.

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  • I used to work with someone who was a girl on Guernsey during the Occupation. She told me that, as the occupying forces took all the milk from her father’s cows, they would let the herd graze in the fields where something (I forgot what) grew that gave the milk a very unpleasant flavour! She said it was a way of feeling they were doing something against the enemy!

    Comment | June 1, 2013

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