2013 Project365 (Day 298)

Tiger donkeyToday The Little Mister and I went for lunch with my Dad, sister and the kids. We had a lovely lunch and this donkey is outside the front door of the cafe. I was a little bit worried that The Little Mister might have fallen off but he seemed perfectly happy!

I can’t believe that it is a month ago today that Mum died. It has been just the longest month ever and yet time has raced by. In fact I am finding it harder than ever to deal with. The weeks straight after her death were taking up with organising and arranging and now we are just left with her absence. She was such an important part of our day to day lives and that is why we miss her so much. I saw her most days and spoke to her daily and I miss her more than I ever thought was possible and I know Dad and my sister do too. Thank goodness we have each other though.

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