A year in pictures – Day 324


Back to choir today and one of the topics of disussion on the island is the suggestion that funding for the Guernsey Music Centre is to be reviewed.

As a teenager most of my Saturdays were spent at Music Centre. I had the fortune of having clarinet and singing lessons, as well as playing in orchestras and wind bands. The music service in Guernsey has always been amazing. So many children have had the opportunities to develop their musical abilities and that would be an absolute travesty if that stopped.

So, all that I learned as a child I still use today. Being part of a choir taught me to be part of a team, to listen to each other, to take instruction (mostly) and to laugh a lot. It taught me discipline and patience but more than that it is great for my mood, mental and physical health and my social life.

Music certainly makes the world go around!

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