Uganda – Day 2 Part 1

8 January 2017
You know how sometimes you do something and realise that it is an life changing moment? This trip feels a little like this.

I have been pretty anxious about leaving my husband and children to come but I knew it was the right thing. Being able to come with my Dad and sister had been particularly special.

Today we drove from Kampala to Kyotera. The journey took us about 3 hours and on the way we got to see what I imagined Africa would like like.

The traffic in Kampala was incredible and I couldn’t get over how many motorbikes there were. Not only that I have never seen so many people on one motorbike – at one point I saw 4 grown men all crammed onto the same bike. If they aren’t carrying multiple people though they are carrying sacks of coal or 10 foot lengths of wood or chickens. Amazing! Then there are the minibuses. Crammed with 16 people and all their luggage. The city is teeming with life; women carrying large bundles on their heads with a baby strapped to their back and bustling market places.

On the drive to Kyotera by the road were multiple stalls selling everything from fruit and flip flops to bed frames, sofas and mattresses. Scrawny cows and goats wander down the verges and gorgeous little children sit and play in the dust. The drive was made even more perfect when the random radio station picked up Africa by Toto.

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