Uganda – Day 4


Another really busy day.

This morning we went to see a group and then to meet some specific members to see how VSLA has benefitted them.

One of the ladies we visited had borrowed money to build a well so she didn’t have to keep buying water. She used the soil she dug out of the well to make bricks to build a kiln. She also keeps pigs to pay back her loan she had. She has big plans for the next time she gets a share payment and intends to build a cover for a well. She done as an inspiration.

This afternoon we went to visit St Leonie’s School. It was funded initially through a VSLA group who paid for a headteacher. The school started in 2013 with 36 pupils and last year it had 186 pupils.


It was amazing! We had such an incredible welcome with dancing and singing. The pupils prepared a drama for us and then a full traditional dance. Even the little tiny children were taking part. Their dancing is incredible. They manage to shake their hips whilst keeping their upper body really still. Incredible.


We took out some school supplies with us as well as giving some money to Adrine who works for Read to buy more. It was a very exciting time for the school.


I have loved seeing the children. They are beautiful but so very poor. Most of them are dressed in rags but their families are aspirational for a better life. This is Epic helps them to reach those dreams.





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  • So many lovely children, I love all the bright colours of what must be their ‘best’ clothes.
    Such an inspiration that they started the school themselves, I bet the children don’t moan about school!

    Comment | January 11, 2018

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