Uganda – Day 6


Our last morning in Kyotera started with rain. Just a little bit but it dampened down the very dusty roads. It would be a nightmare if you had bad asthma. Each bathroom in the hotel has a large bowl in which you can wash your feet which is very useful by the evening.

This morning we went to see four individuals to hear how they are using VSLA to fund their businesses. The first one grew coffee and matoke. She had taken a loan out to pay for fertilisers to improve her yield and at the end of the cycle her share went to pay school fees.

The next one we saw had bought a motorbike which her son was using.


The third one is was so inspirational. She was looking after 6 grandchildren after their parents died. She was so excited to see us and she was delightful to receive a This is Epic T-shirt. She had used a loan to pay for erecting a new kitchen shelter. She was wonderful and the kids were so entertained to see themselves on the pictures.



Then we went to see a group. Once again we received an amazing welcome! We always have to introduce ourselves and they love it when I say this is my first time to Africa but Dad takes all the glory when he says he is here with his two daughters. They absolutely love that!!!

More African dancing, some by my sister, more singing, more ‘ayayayaing’ (such a Ugandan sound I can’t really explain it!).

The local area councillor also made an appearance dressed in all her finery. She was lovely and spoke very good English. What was so amazing though was that she had been a Compassion Child and she was now in a position of privilege and influence.

We ended with a meal of roast pork and delicious roast potatoes! Of course we had to buy a pile of vegetables and fruit to take away. We have packed a few unripe avocados into our luggage but the jeep is full of pumpkins, avocados, mangoes, nuts, tomatoes, piles of delicious sweet bananas and a pineapple. Not to mention Frank the chicken who is going home with Adrine today when she is going to give him a good home in her soup! The rest of the goods will be given to the drivers and Henry and Adrine who have done such a brilliant job of taking us around the groups.


I am currently in the van on the way back to Kampala. I am tired and my eyes keep shutting but I don’t want to miss a single thing. We have just stopped at the Equator and seen the water run straight down the plug hole. Cheesy but it had to be done!


Amazing Uganda. I think it will forever hold a special part of my heart.


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