2013 Project365 (Day 365)

So, we stagger to the end of the this year and the completion of my second year of the 365Project. I uhmed and ahed for about 30 seconds before deciding to do it again for a third year.

Choosing my final photo of the year was pretty easy, even though it wasn’t taken today. It has become, what is probably the most important photo of our year. Taken in June, a few months before Mum died it is a snapshot of our family as it was this year. This photo means such a lot to me and I am delighted that I badgered my cousin Tim who was the official photographer at the wedding to take it for us.

The 365project has meant that I have taken loads of photos and uploaded some of them. We have so many photos of Mum partly because of this project and I think it is important to continue and carry on the record of what will hopefully be another exciting and more joyful and happy year. As my brother-in-law said a while ago “I will punch anyone in the face who says this family takes too many photos”.

This picture says everything. My family is everything. End of.

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