Day 157


I love Birkenstocks and these were given to me by a friend. Fabulous.

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2016 Project366 (Day 129)

BirkenstocksI’m pretty tired today so no energy to write anything too interesting.

Happily the sun has been shining today and these beauties have made an appearance. I love my Birkenstocks and these are my nice shiny new pair. My sister thinks they are hideous.

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Hong Kong – Day 8

Well The Mister had preparation work to do this morning and was teaching this afternoon, so I went shopping!!

My first stop was to a street called Sham Shui Po as I had been told that there were haberdashery shops and things like that. To be honest I couldn’t see anything remotely like this when I got off the MTR so I just wandered and eventually I found a whole bunch of shops, as well as street market stalls selling fabric. It was like being in heaven! Not only is there such a vast selection, it is all so, so cheap! I think I paid about 12 HK dollars per yard of fabric which is about £1 a yard. The really gorgeous wide sparkly trims were about $5 a yard – I probably should have haggled more, but there is still something in me that thinks this is so cheap for me, but to the vendors a dollar or two might make a difference. I spent more that I thought I might, but I think it was probably only about £60 worth of stuff! In the end I had to go back to the hotel to drop off all my goodies before going out again.

This afternoon I went to one of the big shopping centres. Now, the reality is that whilst HK is a shoppers paradise, it certainly helps to be thin. There are few, if any, shops that cater to fat women. So I was sadly not able to buy any clothes, however shoes are a different issue. I really wanted to go and find some Birkenstocks, but they had to be genuine rather than fakes. So, I decided to go to the Birkenstock store. It would seem that they are about 2/3 of the price in the UK and before you know it I accidentally bought three pairs. My excuse is that I wear the all the time in the summer, and I need several pairs so I can rotate wearing them otherwise they stink!!!

It has been a most successful day, although my legs are aching from walking for hours. The one thing I realised when I was wandering around is that I am so much more confident than all those years ago when I moved to the mainland from Guernsey. I was quite happy today just exploring today, even though I got lost a couple of times. Years ago that would have really panicked me, but I just carried on walking thinking I would find out where I was soon enough! It’s quite nice knowing that I can cope whatever happens.

Hong Kong Feb 2011_0819
Hong Kong Feb 2011_0834
Hong Kong Feb 2011_0853

And lastly… this made me laugh. It would seem they recycle everything in HK!!!

Hong Kong Feb 2011_0850

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