Day 195

Alice's weddingToday my lovely little Alice got married to Jason.

It was a perfect day with fabulous weather and awesome company.

I hope that they will be very happy together. x

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Day 154


This afternoon we attended a party for my Auntie Josie and Uncle Howard’s golden wedding anniversary.

It was a lovely afternoon and as usual there was a suitable amount of cakes.

I love this photo of me, my sister, cousin and daughter. I love these girls.

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2016 Project366 (Day 2)

WeddingToday my cousin’s son got married to his beautiful Margarita.

She looked stunning. Lots of love guys and hope married life is all you hoped it would be.

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2014 Project365 (Day 258)

PedroThis is my little cousin Stef who lives with my Dad when she is not at university. Today she was heading back for her next year of studying.

She is brilliant with my children and I appreciate the fact that she is around to have input into their lives.

Travel safely Pedro. We love and we will miss you xxx

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2014 Project365 (Day 206)

Castle Nights

Tonight The Mister and The Little Mister and I went to Castle Cornet for one of the free music evenings that they have throughout the summer.

They are brilliant nights out and they have three different stages with different types of music playing at each one.

Last night two of my cousins band was playing. They are called Clameur de Haro and this was just their second gig. It was great fun and it was a gorgeous evening and nice to be out with some of the family. We took the chance to have a picnic tea and chill out. Such a great evening out in a beautiful venue.

This photo is of my cousin Matthew and iis daughter. She was being so funny but I thought this was a lovely photo of the two of them. Funny to think that Matthew once had beautiful curly hair too!!!

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2014 Project365 (Day 178)

Silver weddingTonight we went to my cousin Anita’s house for a little party as she and her husband Andy have been married for 25 years.

I can’t believe it is their Silver Wedding already. My sister and I were bridesmaids and we were wearing mid-80’s monstrous dresses. They were big and puffy and bo-peep style and were white with a little pink rosebud pattern. I was 13 going on 7 in it. Grim.

Thank goodness everyone is a lot more stylish these days!

We had a lovely evening and The Little Mister spent a happy evening cruising around the family eating stuff off their plates. He was so late to bed but had a lovely time. It was such a nice evening.

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2013 Project365 (Day 195)

Get outta my face!The Mister was working today so The Little Mister and I went for a barbecue at my aunt’s house.

My cousin and his wife were there with their lovely baby Clara and it is always so amusing to see the two babies together.

I have some lovely photos but this really made me laugh… it’s a bit like Clara is saying “get outta my face!”.

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2013 Project365 (Day 188)

Clara's dedicationToday my cousin’s daughter Clara was dedicated at church. It was such a lovely service and then we all went down to the beach for a picnic. The fact that The Little Mister will get to grow up with his cousins delights me. Having a big family is so important to me and I am happy that we get to spend time together.

The weather was beautiful and the company delightful and the champagne was delicious.

Sadly we had to leave a little early as there was a very important event to attend to…. Andy Murray winning Wimbledon! What a great match!

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2012 Project365 (Day 189)

Rainbow wedding quiltOK, I have to admit that this photo wasn’t taken today but these pics have been kept secret.

I made this quilt for Sam and Sally as a wedding present. It ended up being bigger than I thought, about king-sized because it grew and grew. I wanted it to look liked a rainbow stained-glass window. I know Sam and Sally love everything rainbow coloured!

It was an easy quilt to make. I cut fabric into the same width but random lengths and then machined them together into a long length. I was then about to cut them to the right width and sew them together after that. It was a big job based on the size rather than the complexity of the job!

I love the end result and I hope the bride and groom appreciate how much time and love went into making it.

These gorgeous photos were taken by my friend Yasmin who is the very talented lady who took the wedding photos. She did a brilliant job so follow the link to her blog to take a look!

Here is another photo that Yasmin took but if you want to see the whole set then click on the pic and go through to Flickr. She took some gorgeous pictures!

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2012 Project365 (Day 187)

StefiWe got the night-boat from Guernsey to Portsmouth, arriving at about 6am. It was fine and we slept well and we were all ready for shopping!! We managed to squeeze in a trip to Crawley to visit some proper big shops (oh the joys of living on a small island!)

One of the good things about family weddings is the opportunity to get together with lots of the family and generally have a good time. This evening we all met up and went out for dinner.

Today’s picture is my very beautiful cousin Stefi who is moving back in with my parents. Stef has been off gallivanting to South America, and I have to admit that I have kind of missed her and it is good to have her back!

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