Day 209

Birthday girl

The Little Miss is 4 years old!!

I can’t believe that this little bundle of fun is 4 already and she has been so looking forward to this day. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind to us and the bouncy castle we had booked was cancelled due to the winds but we still had a fabulous birthday party down at my Dad’s house.

I am so grateful that we have this little girl to keep us on our toes. She makes me both howl with laughter and she makes me utterly furious at times. She is unbelievably stubborn and stroppy and she is currently perfecting an excellent range of tantrums. She is also kind and loving and especially loves her cousins and grandparents as well as her pussy cats.

Eliza my darling we love you so much. Keep being feisty and stubborn. I’ll get some more gin in. That should see me through x

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Day 154


This afternoon we attended a party for my Auntie Josie and Uncle Howard’s golden wedding anniversary.

It was a lovely afternoon and as usual there was a suitable amount of cakes.

I love this photo of me, my sister, cousin and daughter. I love these girls.

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A year in pictures – Day 318

The girls

Me and my girl.

She infuriates me and makes me smile but she is without a doubt my mini-me!

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A year in pictures – Day 271

My worldThese three are truly the centre of my world.

I love you crazy creatures.

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A year in pictures – Day 79

Best friendsWe are lucky to have tolerant, gentle pussy cats.

Eric, whilst very patient, would only put up with being alternately stroked and kissed for so long!

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A year in pictures – Day 73

My big girlOur childminder sent me this picture today.

My little Babs is getting so big these days! I do miss having a little baby but this age is super fun too.

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A year in pictures – Day 67

International Women's DayHappy Intentional Women’s Day!!

Here is a throw back photo to January for three of the most important females currently in my life.

I was going to post a picture of my Mum but to be honest it seemed more appropriate to have this picture… this what is happening right here, right now.

I couldn’t have managed over the last few years without my amazing sister Louise. She is hugely inspirational. She is a brilliant Mum, runs a charity that changes the lives of thousands of people and she is really bloody determined when she sets her mind to something.

Also in this picture are my niece and my daughter. Cut from the same cloth they wilful, stubborn and determined and the pair of them are absolutely hilarious! They are wonderful, kind girls who love each other desperately and make us laugh, and cry in frustration, in equal measure.

Whilst at times I complain about how challenging The Little Miss can be, I would not have her any other way. I have seen this meme floating around Facebook and I love it because it is true.

“Here’s to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.”

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2016 Project366 (Day 307)

A girl and her cat

This little girl loves lots of things in life but two of her favourite things are her books and her pussy cats.

She spent ages sitting her reading to her pussy cat Betty. Very sweet.

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2016 Project366 (Day 260)

Walking time

Had a lovely time this this afternoon out walking with these two beauties and the rather bouncy dog.

I appreciate time with my sister so much and the opportunity to walk along our beautiful coastline is very restorative.

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2016 Project366 (Day 151)

Bank holiday

I love May. There are so many bank holidays and that makes me super happy!!!

This morning we took the kids to go and watch some of the hillclimb. Usually we go to the top of the hill to see them crossing the finish line but today we were at the bottom by the pits. The Little Mister found it rather noisy but it was nice to get up close to the cars.

This is my favourite picture of the day. This man is an awesome Daddy to our children.

We had a picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the harbour and my Dad and sister and her family came for a barbecue.

A perfect end to the final bank holiday weekend of May!

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