3 March 2019


We have had a busy day of cooking and chores but this afternoon I was singing in the Eisteddfod with Bel Canto. We were in a class of 5 and we came second but I think we were pretty pleased with our performance.

Singing makes me happy.
Being with these girls makes me happy.
I would be happier if we had won, but one can’t have everything eh?!

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2014 Project365 (Day 67)

Guernsey Eisteddfod
It has been a really beautiful day and we have been out and about enjoying the sunshine.

Tonight though I went to the Guernsey Eisteddfod. Tonight’s performances were mainly Songs from Shows and Films and there are some extremely talented people out there.

Today’s picture is of my cousin Tim who was performing with his friend Michelle and they performed “Highway of Love” from I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. They were brilliant but unfortunately didn’t get a prize. It was such a brilliant night out and it made me laugh a lot. For such a small island we have a huge wealth of talent and the Eisteddfod really celebrates this.

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2012 Project365 (Day 54)

Bel CantoWell tonight was Bel Canto’s performance at the Guernsey Eisteddfod. I haven’t done an Eisteddfod for about 20 years and I still feel the fear!

This picture is Rocky and Anna doing last-minute preparations… check out their game faces! I was hoping that I could get The Mister to take a photograph of us on stage but photography was forbidden!

We were entered in the folk class and had to do two folk songs. The first one was called ‘She Moved Through the Fair’ and the second one was a French Canadian song called O Yo Yo and it was, quite frankly, terrifying. We not only had to sing in French but we also had to clap complex rhythms. There are lots of YouTube clips but this one is the best I have found. The choir in the video look so calm and collected, rather unlike us.

Anyway, we won the class with 89 points. The other two choirs had 82 and 86 and Mum and The Mister came to watch and said that we were very good and thought we should have more points than that (not that they are biased of course!). Our conductor wanted us to get at least 90 so I am quite sure that our performance will be taken apart on Monday at rehearsal! The adjudicator described it as being a little bit like ‘Riverdance for hands’!!

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