Day 202

Mr & Mrs Le TissierWhat a fabulous wedding! Today on a gorgeous hot and sunny day my ‘little’ cousin Tom married Izzy.

I really enjoyed this wedding, partly because I was away with my sister, Dad, cousins and a bunch of aunts and uncles and we were nearly all staying at the wedding venue hotel.

It was fun being around everyone and I had a great day. Much love to Mr & Mrs Le Tissier. May life bring you much joy and hope together.

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Day 195

Alice's weddingToday my lovely little Alice got married to Jason.

It was a perfect day with fabulous weather and awesome company.

I hope that they will be very happy together. x

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Day 181


In a couple of weeks my cousin Alice gets married and today we had a family girls hen do. It was lovely and we were able to bring our little girls with us.

It was lovely to meet baby Kitty and I was trying hard to get a photo when I had some photo-bombers!

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Day 154


This afternoon we attended a party for my Auntie Josie and Uncle Howard’s golden wedding anniversary.

It was a lovely afternoon and as usual there was a suitable amount of cakes.

I love this photo of me, my sister, cousin and daughter. I love these girls.

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Day 147

Best days

It has been the most glorious day. We went to church and then spent some time in the garden. I went to a Zumba class and then we took the kids to the beach for a splash about. I was intending on going swimming but it was absolutely freezing!

I love evenings like this. It was warm and gorgeous and there was a band playing at the hotel up the road. The beach was full of families playing, eating, chilling and being together. Guernsey at it’s best.

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Day 106

Auntie Jenny

Today was my lovely Auntie Jenny’s funeral. It was the most beautiful sunny day and they interment and service were so lovely.

The service was wonderful and it was absolutely packed. When we arrived half an hour before the start it was already standing room only. I was so very proud of my cousins who gave a lovely tribute to their Mum and my Auntie who gave her own memories of her twin sister. I was doing OK until she started ‘Jen and I came as a pair’. At that point I struggled to hold it together.

One of the things I appreciated the most about today was spending time with my family. We get together as often as we can, and whether it is for a happy or sad occasion I am always pleased to see my aunts and uncles and cousins. I picked the kids up at lunchtime from school and took them to the house for cake so that they could feel part of the whole experience. It was especially nice to see them haring about the garden and swinging on the swing seat.

I am constantly grateful for my family and the fact that we are able to share all the good and the bad things together. I appreciate having so many people I can go to for comfort and laughs and I know that together we are able to get through all things.

This photo is of my Mum, Auntie Josie and Auntie Jenny. It was taken in October 2010 when they came to visit us in Yorkshire and was taken on a day out to Howarth. I love it. So many wonderful memories of my Mum and aunts, and I am so happy that my life has been characterised by wonderful, strong, determined, brave, generous, kind and compassionate women. I am blessed.

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Day 14

FamilyIt was a long trip home – about 24 hours door-to-door going from Uganda to Dubai then to Gatwick and finally back to Guernsey.

I managed to stay awake until about 7pm and then had to go to bed. I almost fell asleep in a restaurant at lunchtime but woke up a little with a quick walk on the beach.

I have missed my wonderful family. It is good to be home.

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A year in pictures – Day 1

New Year's Day

I uhmed and ahed whether to head straight into another year of photos but I know there are people out there who like to read my ramblings! This will be my fourth year of daily photos without a day missed so far so that feels like quite an achievement!

This afternoon we headed down to the beach with some foolish cousins who thought going for a New Year’s Day swim was an excellent idea. It was… shall we say… bracing!

The year has started. Who knows what it will bring. We have happy events planned but I am pretty sure there is likely to be some sadness on the way. All I know is that we will face all things together. Much love to all my wonderful family x

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A year in pictures – Day 365

Happy New Year

We have had a lovely day and our friends Emma and Martin came for lunch along with their daughter Ava and The Little Misters bestie Maxi!

We had a lovely lunch and then dragged ourselves out for a walk around Fort Houmet. It was unbelievably windy but we were very excited to see a seal real close to shore.

The sea was gorgeous; huge waves and really wild but there is something about it that I love. Today the tide was high so the waves were coming up right against the fort and I could taste the sea on my lips. It smelt and tasted like home and I am grateful to be here, and especially grateful for such wonderful family and friends.

Happy New Year Everyone x

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A year in pictures – Day 246

Nearly there

Today we head home on the boat.

We have had a wonderful holiday. Seen loads of lovely people, stayed in some beautiful places and generally relaxed and enjoyed our time.

Best of all was spending time with this wonderful bunch. We are so fortunate.

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