The Uniform Project

0d59de78-0147-4a38-b5fb-b9db1017839a_may_01_v1_dI recently was pointed in the direction of a very cool blog called The Uniform Project. The author of the blog decided to run an experiment and it is also a fundraiser. She got one of her friends to design her a dress (well 7 identical dresses, one for every day of the week) and she will wear the same dress every day but style it up to look different each time. The dress is really clever, reversible with buttons down one side and a fab kick pleat down the other. Long enough to wear as a dress, short enough to wear as a tunic and enough flexibility to wear it many different ways. Her aim is to use thrifted, sustainable and stuff from ebay to accessorise and ‘make’ her outfit.

I love some of the outfits but think some of them are just plain weird and look like she has got dressed at a jumble sale. It’s a fab site and I am fascinated to see how she is going to make 365 different outfits out of the same frock.

Ps) Picture nicked from her website… here.

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