A year in pictures – Day 365

Happy New Year

We have had a lovely day and our friends Emma and Martin came for lunch along with their daughter Ava and The Little Misters bestie Maxi!

We had a lovely lunch and then dragged ourselves out for a walk around Fort Houmet. It was unbelievably windy but we were very excited to see a seal real close to shore.

The sea was gorgeous; huge waves and really wild but there is something about it that I love. Today the tide was high so the waves were coming up right against the fort and I could taste the sea on my lips. It smelt and tasted like home and I am grateful to be here, and especially grateful for such wonderful family and friends.

Happy New Year Everyone x

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2015 Project365 (Day 237)

Buttermilk Battle

Well it wasn’t a entirely unsatisfactory day in the North Show baking tent.

I managed to back a second prize for my Buttermilk Cake, beaten by my aunt, but triumphing over my sister who got third. I thought she did pretty well to say she had never made the cake before!

I got a third for my Sweet Cake. I was not able to repeat my victory last year, but Auntie Jenny and Auntie Josie got their revenge this year by getting the top spots between them.

My muffins were a failure.

A good day. The weather has been wet today so the showground is pretty wet underfoot but as always it was good to get out and support our local event.

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2014 Project365 (Day 259)

Beautiful beach

It’s the middle of September for goodness sake!

The children and I spent the afternoon on the beach with my sister and some friends and all their children.

It was wonderful, warm and sunny and the sea was beautiful. This is the life!

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2012 Project365 (Day 223)

Rocquaine RegattaThis afternoon I went to the Rocquaine Regatta which is a local event along the coast by Rocquaine Bay. There are lots of activities including sandcastle building, raft racing and tug-of-war.

There were loads of people there as the weather was lovely and as my sister and brother-in-law were at a wedding I went with Mum and Dad, Stefi and Barnabas and Eden. The kids were on splendid form and were hugely entertaining. I love this photo of my Dad and Barnabas just walking along the road. It is so sweet to see them spending time together and they have a lovely relationship.

I hate to sound smug, but on a gorgeous day like today, at a local event at which we see lots of friends and acquaintances and being with my family, I know that moving to Guernsey was a great move!

Here are a few more pics on Flickr from the day.

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2012 Project365 (Day 177)

FamilyToday is The Mister’s parents last day in Guernsey. I was working today so they went out visiting a few places and tonight we went out for dinner. It has been lovely to see them and I hope they enjoyed themselves on our beautiful island. Next time they come and visit we might have decorating for them to do!

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2012 Project365 (Day 148)

Please let this be the start of summer!Another gorgeous sunny day and the decision was made to barbecue. Usually Sunday lunch consists of a roast dinner but there is nothing better than sitting out in the garden, eating barbecued meat and fresh salad and drinking wine.

I am holding out that this is the start of a long, hot summer. What are the chances?

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