6 October 2019

Swim run madness

Today we went out to watch some crazy people doing the Swim/Run around the cliff paths. It is always hilarious – they run across the cliffs and swim some of the bays. Crazy people but fab to watch.

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A year in pictures – Day 288


Today my sister and cousin Matthew took part of a fabulously ridiculous event called an otillo (not sure how to put the funny little dots above the ‘o’s though!)

They started at one end of the west coast of the island down at Pleinmont and ran and swam a route around the coast right up to Pembroke. Each pair has to be tied together during the swim legs by a 10m rope. It was hilarious to see all these people in wetsuits and swimming hats running along the road with their floats bobbing along on their hips. They ran a total distance of 21km and swam about 4km. Crazy.

Louise and Matthew did brilliantly and they came third overall for the full distance which was fantastic. I was really proud of them and it was a fantastically organised event. Well done everyone!

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