13 January 2021


Over the last few months I have been doing a Barre Pilates class with Barre Fusion. I love it, although I am not the most co-ordinated person in the room, but I certainly feel that it is working me hard. Today I did lots of PliƩs and my legs and butt really hurt this evening.

Great fun, and nice to do something different.

(see you if can spot me in this picture… hint… I am wearing turquoise socks!)

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Day 192

Outdoor Pilates

Another bonus of such gorgeous weather is that we are having outside Pilates classes.

It’s heavenly to be doing exercises whilst feeling the warm evening sun on your face and listening to the birdsong. Perfect.

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The life and times of a reticent gym-goer

My younger sister has spent years telling me that exercise is good for you. My mother’s answer to all problems, e.g. “I have a headache”, “I have backache”, “I am tired”, is that you need to get some exercise. Now I am starting to think there may be some truth in their comments. Throughout school I have hated most exercise. I loved walking, gymnastics and trampolining, but things like netball, hockey and running were, in my mind, very unnecessary to my life.

About 5 years ago I started doing Pilates. Initially I started doing it because I had a bad back, but I also found that it helped with my hyper-flexibility, improved muscle-tone and was relaxing. I love Pilates… it has been pretty life-changing for how I feel about myself. Then I started swimming and did that 4 or so times a week and that also helped to improve my fitness, but I started getting bored.

At Christmas I made the decision to start going to the gym. I have always been a passionate anti-gymer, but I decided something had to be done about my weight. So, since January I have been going to the gym at least 4 times a week as well as doing Pilates and I have lost 1st 3lbs. Whilst I can’t say that I love it, I have certainly found it to be mood-altering and on Thursday I was in the foulest of all foul moods (I made Robert Mugabe look reasonable) but an hour in the gym (plus a glass of wine and a chocolate muffin – ooops!!!) seemed to help my mood, and even my bad head-space. The other plus side is that not only have I lost weight, but I have lost about 3 inches off my waist and several inches off other parts of my large body. Who knows, one day I might be wafer thin!!

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