6 February 2019

Pay as you throwAnother big change in Guernsey which has caused a huge amount of uproar. Once again it reminds us all that people are not good with change.

We now have extensive kerbside recycling collections, including food waste, every week but are required to buy stickers to go onto black bags which is for non-recyclable waste.

So many people are unhappy about this new system. They seem unwilling to recycle more to reduce their costs and they seem to think that it is their right to bin as much stuff as they want without paying for it.

We are down to about 1/2 – 3/4 of a black bag a fortnight. Our recycling has gone up hugely. It might be a small change but hopefully it is all positive.

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Day 249


There is an awful lot of complaining going on in Guernsey at the moment about the new waste and recycling strategy.

It seems that people are struggling with the idea that they need to recycle their food waste in a separate bin to other recyclables. Even The kids can manage it. Come on people. It’s not that hard!

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Day 169

Reusable liners

This might not be the most glamorous photo I ever post but it is one that makes me smile nonetheless.

I am trying really hard to reduce the amount of single use plastics and non-reusable products that we use. I have used a menstrual Mooncup for many years and think they are brilliant but I have also started using these as a back up.

They are reusable liners made by the brilliant Cloth-Paper-Scissors. They are slim, narrow and backs with fine needlecord which means they don’t slip about. I really like them and they are super comfortable.

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2014 Project365 (Day 71)

RecyclingYes, this is a bag full of rubbish. More correctly, this is a bag full of recycling!

This week Guernsey (finally!) got curbside recycling. In the past we have had to take all our recycling to the bring bank but now we can just pop it out on bin night and the nice men come and collect our recycling along with our rubbish.

Of course there has been plenty of bitching and whining in the newspaper and on the radio phone-ins. You see, people in Guernsey don’t like change. They especially do not like positive change. They are complaining about the cost, how will they store all their rubbish etc etc. Plenty of complaints but not many of them hold much water to be honest.

I am sure the doubters will be proven wrong, in the meantime, I am just happy filling in my clear and blue bags!

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