Delightful Durham

Well The Mister and I have had a fun day out with some peeps from the Ship of Fools. As far as Shipmeets go it was kind of unplanned as we had arranged a time and a place to meet but not much out. We spent a little bit of time wandering around the market in Durham and then we went up to the Cathedral. We weren’t really able to look at much as they were filming Songs of Praise, but one of the advantages is that we got to hear some fantastic choral singing. We also had a wander around the shops, ate cake and drank coffee and generally had a lovely time. So… onwards to… pictures!



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A weekend of Leaving Dos!

This weekend has been really hectic because it is my last weekend in Hertfordshire.

One Friday night I went out for pizza with my colleagues after work and then a bunch of other people came to meet us in the pub. Also The Mister arrived on the train so it was a chance for him to meet some of the people I have been working with over the last few years.

P1020867On Saturday we went into London and paid a visit to the The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret Museum in London. It is a fascinating place and is an old operating theatre which is found in the roof space of a Baroque church. The theatre pre-dates Lister and his antiseptic surgery techniques and this theatre must have seen some truly horrifying amputations and other types of surgery, many of which would have been done without, or with limited, anesthetics. There are some pretty gruesome saws and knives on show too. Fortunately I find this stuff really interesting, although I kept wondering what stories the walls of the theatre would tell us if they could.

After the museum we took a long walk along the Southbank passed the Golden Hinde and the Festival Hall, across the bridge by Big Ben and the Houses fo Parliament and then up to Buckingham Palace. Al lovely walk, although it started getting chilly as the sun went down. We then went to The Jugged Hare in Pimlico for a meet with some people from The Ship of Fools. An excellent meet with some old friends and some good food and wine. The Jugged Hare is well-known for it’s pies and The Mister and I tired one of their tasting plates – 5 small pies with some mash and peas. Yum!!!

P1020884On Sunday, The Mister and I went to church where they prayed for us as we move on. I have to admit though that I was so tired that I kept falling asleep during the sermon!!! After that we went out for lunch with some of my wonderful friends. Now, I am sitting at home, watching The Mister play on the Wii Fit. In a short few minutes I will have to drive him to the train station. Thankfully this is the last time that we will have to do the whole Sunday evening travelling thing! Next week I will be up in Yorkshire, the weekend after that we will be in Guernsey and the weekend after that I will have moved.

I am very much looking forward to reclaiming my Sunday evenings!!!!

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