A year in pictures – Day 98

Stef's wedding

Today my little cousin Stefanie married Rhys. It was the most wonderful day and the weather was kind to us.

The wedding was one of the nicest and the most entertaining ones I have been to, largely because Stef had the most wonderful vision for it and so many people worked extremely hard to make it happen.

Sorry Rhys, you don’t feature in the picture for today though. I love this picture… Stefi is The Little Miss’ godmother and she couldn’t wish for a better one. Stef is generous and kind and she will always go the extra mile to do something for someone else. She is like a little sister to me and as annoying as she is at times (like most little sisters are!) she is also fantastic. Our lives have been enriched by having her around so much but she is now heading off to spend a couple of years living in New Zealand with her husband. We will miss her so much.

We love you Stef and Rhys. Your wedding was wonderful and we know that your marriage will be the same. Stay in touch please!

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