Day 183

Viaer MarcheTonight was the Viaer Marche at Sausmarez park – one of my favourite evenings out.

As usual we dined on Guernsey bean jar, Guernsey gache, Guernsey biscuits and Guernsey ice-cream. Plenty of carbs and fat and it was delicious!

As usual they had lots of traditional crafters demonstrating their skills and it was lovely to see this young boy making crab pots. Sadly I suspect many of these skills are a dying art.

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A year in pictures – Day 184

Viaer Marche

This evening we went to the National Trust’s Viaer Marche.

I love this event. Lots of local crafts on display, quirky local music and stalls and decent food (although the Bean Jar wasn’t up to much this year!!)

We had a lovely evening wandering about, seeing family and friends and soaking up the atmosphere. Lovely.

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2014 Project365 (Day 188)

The Viaer MarchiTonight was one of my favourite local events, the Viaer Marchi. It is described as an evening of “Guernsey tradition, food and entertainment” and is a fundraiser for the Guernsey National Trust.

It is the loveliest event with local music and crafts being demonstrated as well as local food. Tonight we ate delicious Guernsey Bean Jar and had a Guernsey ice-cream. There was also cider, Guernsey Gache and other foods.

One of the nicest things about this event is the amount of people that we see. Dad came up with us and every few steps there was someone we knew, a chance to catch up and what is a very local evening out indeed!

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