Monday 15 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 24

The Little Miss woke up with a large ginger cat on her chest and then we had a reasonably positive morning of home-schooling – although the kids need us to be with them all the time – they just don’t seem to be able to work independently!

It was a lovely day and my crazy friend Emma convinced me that it was a good idea to go for a swim. I mean, seriously, it is February!! I have bought both of us some fabulous swimming caps (she wanted one like the Blur album!) so we decided to give them their maiden voyage. I have to admit they were lovely and snuggly and certainly made at least part of our bodies feel warmer.

We went to Vazon and with one husband and four children (all in wetsuits) we headed into the sea. It was a long walk to the sea as it was low tide and the waves were much bigger and more exciting than we expected. It was absolutely bloody freezing… the first thing one notices is just how freezing ones vagina gets. Let’s be honest – vag freeze is a real thing! Like troopers (or fools) we waded in and did half a dozen strokes before getting out, and then then going straight back in again. It was much warmer the second time around.

It was brilliant. I have to admit that it was exhilarating and I may be convinced to go in again before the end of this week.




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A year in pictures – Day 216


Had a really lovely day down at the beach with my friend Emma and the kids.

By the time we went home the sea was heaving with surfers as it was quite windy and the surf was good. The Little Mister did scare me a bit though (and I am a little over-protective!) as he was going out quite deep into the sea and he is completely fearless. A really nice man fished him out for me just as a big wave caught him. Scary.

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2012 Project365 (Day 106)

Vazon GroynesToday The Mister and Mum and I went for a walk. We got Dad to drop us at the far end of Vazon Beach and then we walked home along the coast. It is not very far, just a couple of miles but it was a beautiful walk. The sun was warm but the wind was bitterly cold.

This picture was taken looking along Vazon beach looking along the groynes. I believe they are there to protect the wall from the strength of the sea and prevent erosion. I think they are rather lovely. This website has some really lovely photos of them.

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