Day 183

Viaer MarcheTonight was the Viaer Marche at Sausmarez park – one of my favourite evenings out.

As usual we dined on Guernsey bean jar, Guernsey gache, Guernsey biscuits and Guernsey ice-cream. Plenty of carbs and fat and it was delicious!

As usual they had lots of traditional crafters demonstrating their skills and it was lovely to see this young boy making crab pots. Sadly I suspect many of these skills are a dying art.

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2016 Project366 (Day 186)

Viaer Marche

Tonight was the Viaer Marche. It is one of my favourite evenings of the year and is a truly classic Guernsey event.

It is basically a delightful social occasion to see lots of people you haven’t seen since the previous year. My tea consisted of Bean Jar, Guernsey Gache and a Guernsey biscuit followed by a Guernsey ice-cream for pudding. It was delicious! Dad and The Mister even managed a pint of Guernsey cider to wash it all down.

Unfortunately I had to leave early to go to choir but it was a fab evening.

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2013 Project365 (Day 182)

Viaer Marche1 July 2013 – This evening we went to the Viaer Marche which is a local fayre which showcases traditional crafts, foods, cider and entertainments.

It was a beautiful evening and there were loads of people there that we knew and we even got to sample some delicious bean jar. Lovely!

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