28 February 2019

Fabulous lycra

So, this is how sad my life has become. I have new leggings for Zumba and I am tragically happy with the fact that they match my trainers!

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Day 354

Zumba party

(Disclaimer: This picture has been shamelessly nicked from my Zumba instructor!)

Tonight was a our last Zumba before Christmas and that meant, fancy dress, dingy boppers, Christmas music and even a couple of Santa Claus.

I absolutely love Zumba. It is great exercise, makes me laugh a lot and is awesome for my mood.

Love this bunch of crazy people.

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Day 151

New kicks!

It’s official. I have been spending too much time in the same room as my colleague Adam. His weirdness is rubbing off on me.

A couple of weeks ago I took the piss out of him for raving about having new ‘box-fresh’ trainers.

Today I received these lovely purple trainers in the post. I have to admit I am disturbingly happy with them and ever time I saw my Zumba-ing feet tonight in the the mirror it made me smile.

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A year in pictures – Day 183

Zumba Love

I have to admit that I shamelessly nicked this photo from Zumba Guernsey.

For a few weeks now I have been going to a Zumba class at a local leisure centre. I am crap at it! I have found it a bit tricky to pick up and I am often out of time BUT I absolutely love it.

There is something to be said for an hour of dancing about to loud music with other people who really don’t care what they look like. There is something really liberating about the whole thing and I love the instructors who are larger than life and twice the fun.

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