2014 Project365 (Day 139)

KenI cannot claim that this picture is my own (I nicked it from my friend Sian). I cannot even claim that it is current (it was taken in 2009). However this picture is here for a reason.

Since 2005 I have been on a website called The Ship of Fools and it has been a pretty important place over the many years. Not least because it was the first place I ‘met’ The Mister but I have also met a whole bunch of wonderful, if somewhat random, people.

This guy here is called Ken and he is one of those truly remarkable and wonderful people that I met through The Ship. I might see him once, maybe twice a year, always over a pint of beer (and a cigarette in my smoking days) and we would catch up like nothing had ever changed. He told great stories, talked and thought about great theology and this morning he passed away following a short illness.

The loss to so many people, both real and virtual, is enormous. It is at these times that I recognise the power of an online community and see just how comforting it can be for virtual friends to come together and share their grief and joy.

Thanks for all the pints Ken. We will miss you so very much x

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