On holiday!

Hello all. I am sorry for my absence but I am on an extended holiday with The Mister. So far we have been to Guernsey to drop all the stuff off, been camping on Dartmoor, spent 10 days camping with lots of friends in Dorset and stayed a few days at a friends house in Devon. We are now in a hotel for one night before going to Greenbelt tomorrow.

We have had a lovely time but feeling a bit knackered. Will be back soon with plenty of photos!!! xxxx

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40 years of domestic bliss?

Yesterday was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by having a family barbecue at a local hotel and we also had access to the swimming pool which was fab as the kids went in and out and generally had a fabulous time.

Mum and Dad are pretty much an inspiration in terms of their marriage. Whilst I am sure they have had their ups and downs their relationship has endured and they enjoy life together. I hope that The Mister and I will also get to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary one day.

The only downside of yesterdays party was there being so many children and newly pregnant women. I kept leaving conversations when the subjects turned to breast feeding, bedtime routines or being pregnant. It is just too hard to deal with at the moment. Too many reminders of the things we are currently unable to achieve. I already feel like a failure and unfortunately family occasions do nothing but remind me of this fact.

This picture is Mum and Dad with their pageboy, flower girls, bridesmaid and best man. Time certainly moves on!


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