Week 31 – 31 July-6 August 2023


31.4I felt ropey at the start of this week – either I was completed exhausted or I had Covid. No idea which! It took me until about Tuesday to start feeling better.

The week has featured a meal with my lovely cousin Stef/Pedro and her husband Big Reece, lots of kitten time, and a brilliant pool part for The Little Miss’ joint birthday party. Big Reece particularly enjoyed this party and was very comfortable on the pink unicorn.

On Sunday we wagged church and took the kids pier jumping at The Cup and Saucer. I was especially proud of The Little Mister – this time last year he went coasteering and would barely jump off a little 50cm high rock. Now he was jumping off the high wall and loving it – Outdoor Guernsey has given him so much confidence!! They spent ages in the water and I had a lovely swim but it was really breezy around the West Coast so we headed off to the `east coast to try and find some shelter. `we finally managed it but it was still a bit windy. A lovely weekend.







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Week 30 – 24-30 July 2023


A busy first week of the school summer holidays.

30.5The kids spent the week at Outdoor Guernsey and they had a fantastic time – coasteering, nerf wars, archery, climbing etc.

Even better it was The Little Miss’ 9th birthday and it was on Friday which meant she had a brilliant time at Outdoor Guernsey. I had made a couple of massive chocolate cakes for them all and she had a great time. We had a few friends and family over and had pizza for tea. We are lucky to have such a fabulous daughter although she is definitely like a grumpy teenager at times!

Saturday was a really busy day. In the mornung we went for a walk to do the Scarecrow Walk. Such a fun, creative event. In the afternoon/evening we had a massive family party. It was billed as a 100th birthday party as my Uncle was 70 and my cousin was 30. It was a fantastic excuse to all get together (I reckon there was at least 60 of us!) and I had such a fun evening. I love my family. Fun and entertaining.

The weekend ended with an invite for the kids to swim in my cousins pool and then a BBQ at Dad’s house with my aunt and uncle and cousins. We also had some family staying so it was a mental and busy weekend and it was such a wonderful time.

I am absolutely knackered now though!






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Week 29 – 17-23 July 2023


29.8The weather has been nice for most of this week – until the weekend when we had planned to go Sheep Racing in Sark.

We went but it was drizzly and I have to admit that I found the actual sheep racing event a bit boring – not many race and lots of gaps in between. At one point we lost The Little Miss and found that she had got herself a job running the Hook a Duck stall!

Last week at school and we are all knackered…. finally the holidays have arrived. What a relief!







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Week 28 – 10-16 July 2023


What a busy week – the Island Games have started and it has been absolutely fantastic. I spent much of the week trying to squeeze things in between meetings and clients so I managed to catch a bit of the basketball which was really exciting. The Little Miss and I queued one day to get in for the swimming. It was so inspiring for her to see people she sees at training, competing and winning. The atmosphere was electric!

28.15On Friday The Mister and I took the day off work and we went into town to watch the Half Marathon and then the Cycling Criterium which was really exciting. The weather was pretty awful which made for exciting but dangerous racing. We picked the kids up from school and went back into town to watch the Triathalon relay. This was such a fine event but the rain was torrential – it was awful but we still had a great time! I was in awe of the sporting achievements of the individual athletes and the local support was phenomenal. Such a brilliant event 🙂

The Mister and I also managed to squeeze in a trip to theatre (well in marquee at the park!) when we went to see a performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was absolutely fantastic! Funny and entertaining and I even understood it all!

The week ended with a BBQ with some of the girls and their families from choir and some kitten love. What a great week!







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