Week 4 – 22-28 January 2023


51It has been a quietish week and we have just ticked along with work and school and the usual child activities such as swimming, Cubs, Brownies and tennis.

By Saturday both kidlets had horrible streaming cols so whilst I managed to make it to Ladies Weights the kids stayed in all day. In the evening The Mister and I went out for a lovely meal. Table booked for 6.30 and home by 9am. A perfect evening out for a couple of tired parents!

They were a little better by Sunday which was good as it was The Mister’s birthday. I cooked a nice roast dinner and friends came over. A good week.




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Week 3 – 16-22 January 2023

43This week has included a poorly Little Miss, a busy week at work and school, Betty the cat bringing her offerings to The Mister and leaving them in his shoe.

The Little Miss also had to do the Kick Challenge at swimming and she completely smashed it – the competition was who could swim 8 lengths with a float and short fins and she managed to do it in 3 minutes 31 seconds. She completely turned it on!

The Mister also squeezed himself into his tux and went out to a work awards do and on Saturday I went out with Dad to a charity ball. We were all shattered by Sunday but it was a good week. I discovered the Little Miss had been taking selfies with my phone with me asleep in the background.


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Week 2 – 9-15 January 2023

22The weather this week has been atrocious, wet and very windy.

The week has been the first full week back to work and school which means after school activities are back with a vengeance! Swimming, dyslexia day centre, tennis, music centre and youth club.

We also had the kids first trip to the opticians. They were absolutely fantastic whilst they were in there and then they started behaving like absolute eejits in a shop afterwards.

I had Ladies Strength class at 7.30am on a Saturday morning (true dedication), shelf building and out weekend ended with the fastest ever Cub Scouts AGM (7 minutes) and bingo.

Sunday night ended with online book group with my old university friends and we exchanged Secret Santa gifts. It was a fun evening.

It was a good week.


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Week 1 – 2-8 January 2023

13Week 1

Whilst I am not going to post daily. I am going to try and post weekly. Just a photo update so I can keep track of what goes on in this year.

This week has seen New Year’s Day, time off, a trip to the soft play area, back to school, back to work. Dad’s 75th birthday party and an 180th birthday party.


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Saturday 31 December 2022


Written on New Year’s Day after our return home!

New Year’s Eve started with exercise for me – I went to a ladies strength class at 7.30am! It is my favourite class of the week and I always attend when I can. I really appreciate Jemma who is the instructor – encouraging but not shouty. Perfect!

This evening we went to our friends Emma and Martin’s house. We all brought food and booze. The kids screamed about the place and played games on the Wii…. and they all managed to stay awake until midnight. One of the usual families wasn’t able to attend and much missed but we had a lovely time anyway. I hugely appreciate this lovely group of friends and the fact that our children play (mostly) so beautifully together.

31.1Midnight was seen in with fizz and smiles and a lovely group photo. We stayed overnight and this morning started slowly with a cooked brunch. Unfortunately the weather was pretty rough so we didn’t get out usual new Year’s Day walk but The Mister and the kids and I went for a quick breath of fresh air on the way home.

2022 was a year full of ups and downs but mostly it was just day-to-day normality. The bump and grind of daily life, kids activities, church, exercise, sea swimming, friends, family and a wonderful holiday to Kenya… the real highlight of our year.


So… onwards to 2023. Who knows what it will bring.

One thing I do know is that I won’t be carrying on with a picture a day. I have lost the pleasure of it, it has become a chore not a delight. I will still post, but not so often.

Happy New Year everyone x


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