Sunday 28 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 37

Sunday – a day of rest. Well not quite although I did have a nice lie-in and woke uup bathed in sunshine. Let’s hope the blinds we have ordered arrive soon.

I spent the morning tidying up and cooking lunch whilst the kids battered lumps out of each other and wound me up by the whinging, moaning and general disagreeableness. Dad came for lunch and then I walked to my friend Viv’s house and met with her and Emma for socially distanced wine and a catch up. It was a much needed time out and I left feeling restored.

It was a beautiful walk home. The sun was lowering in the sky and the daffodils were blooming. Gorgeous.

(I have no idea what the floating green blob is in a couple of the pictures!)




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Saturday 27 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 36

It has been a lovely day. I started it drinking coffee and reading my book on the sofa with the lovely Betty.

We have had a busy day in the garden today. We dug out a load of brambles alongside the wall in the hope that we can turn it into a soft fruit bed. I have ordered some raspberry canes, and strawberry plants as well as a couple of blueberry plants which we will plant in pots. We also have some ropey looking gooseberry and blackcurrant plants in the middle of the garden. We will move them and see what happens. If they survive it will be a bonus.

This afternoon we went to my sister’s house for some socially distanced birthday cake as my gorgeous niece is 10 years old today. Always opinionated and feisty, we love you Eden. You are my favourite niece 😉

These evening I took part in an online book club with my old uni mates and then we finished off the evening with a picnic platter. Perfect. It was the most glorious sunset tonight. A lovely end to a lovely day.







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Friday 26 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 35

All I can say is thank goodness it is Friday! It has been a long and tricky week and I am grateful we have all made it here intact and relatively sane!

After some work and school work this morning the kids played this afternoon and then we headed to Vazon for a blissful socially distanced swim with friends. It was absolutely glorious down there and looking at the pics it looks like the height of summer. It was considerably chillier than it looks in the photos!

This evening we ate delicious homemade pizza and custard slices (which were dropped off on the doorstep by a friend – thankyou!), watched a Grace Petrie gig online and then The Little Mister arrived with a tooth in hand. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy is classed as an Essential Worker?!




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Thursday 25 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 34

Today has been a really difficult day today. The Little Miss has been really hard work and just has not knuckled down to work at all. She spent so much time lolling about and messing about that we both got really cross with her and as a result what should have taken about 20 minutes actually took 2 hours.

I am not sure why she has been so unsettled today but it has been tricky. Later in the afternoon she cheered right up and played quite happily in her bedroom, especially when we moved a few things around.

Roll on back to school.

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Wednesday 24 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 33

I had a super busy work day today which meant that The Mister once again bore the brunt of most of the homeschooling. Once all my meetings had finished we went for a breath of fresh air on the beach and socially distanced with friends – the boys played football which pleased them.

Hopefully we are on the downward slope back to some sort of normality. I am really really hoping that we will get off The Rock this summer but it’s hard to start thinking about booking anything in case we still have quarantine rules. So frustrating.

To end the day my Dad came for tea and a friend from work dropped off an enormous box of lovely books. Perfect.




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Tuesday 23 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 32

Really busy day today as I was at work this morning so the Poor Mister was battling with two stroppy children who did not to homeschool. It is so tough at the moment and they really are not keen to knuckle down at the moment.

I did a big shop at Waitrose on the way home and then later this afternoon we went to a walk to see a special girl and to deliver her birthday presents.

I feel absolutely knackered tonight and I have already had a nap in the bath!



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Monday 22 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 31

Today officially marked the start of Phase 1 – household bubbles are not permitted and (hopefully) this is where we start our slow exit out of lockdown.

Schoolwork was a real struggle this morning and the kids were reluctant to do anything. It ws hard going and I got cross – The Mister is so much more patient than I am.

Later this afternoon we went for a lovely walk through the lanes to my Auntie Josie’s house to leave her a birthday present and card at a suitable distance. It was lovely to see her and I hope that very soon we will be able to have proper hugs rather than pretend socially distanced one.

It was such a beautiful day and we met these rather lovely Guernsey cows on the way. I always think they are the most beautiful cows in the world.

22.1 22.2



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Sunday 21 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 30

I had a lovely morning pottering around, tidying up and getting things ready for lunch. We have been able to bubble with my Dad as he lives alone so he has been able to come for Sunday lunch for the last couple of weeks. The kids have really missed him.

The Little Mister and I went for a walk to my Dad’s house this afternoon. We walked via St Matthew’s church and went into the graveywrd to see my grandparents grave. It was lovely to have a bit of time with the boy child for a change and the conversation went like this….

Me: “are you worried about anything at the moment Bear? Is anything bothering you?”

TLM: I am a bit worried about the corona business. I am worried about my family and whether they will get sick. I worry Grandpa will get sick and then he will die.”

Me: “You’re right Bear. It is hard not not worry about those people that we love. We just have to keep staying safe, washing our hands and following the rules.”

TLM: “Yes Mummy I know……. Mummy…. if Grandpa died it would be really sad and all that, but do you think I would be able to have his iPad? I mean, I could remember him them”.

In his worry my mercenary son is trying to work out how to get his sticky fingers on Grandpa’s iPad. It did make me smile.

We finished this evening with cake… I needed some so whipped a couple out of the freezer and added homemade jam and cream. I think the ratios look about right.





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Saturday 20 February 2021



Lockdown 2.0 – Day 29

A day of chores and tidying up. I guess it is pretty standard at the moment – the house constantly feels like it needs some attention! Whilst I am looking forward to the schools going back I am most looking forward to having my cleaner back! I absolutely hate cleaning!!

The Mister finished off painting the hallway – hopefully it is more or less all done although the woodwork needs attention. Goodness knows how long it will take us to do that lot!

We took the kids out for a swim at lunchtime. We went to Port Soif and it was lovely but it was absolutely freezing!

All I can say is, roll on summer. Our new house has a lovely garden and I am looking forward to spending proper time out there. We are very fortunate to have so much more space this lockdown.


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Friday 19 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 28

A busy but fairly standard day in lockdown. Homeschooling, working, arguing children, screeching Mummy.

I took the kids for a social distanced swim with their cousins and then pizza for tea. We finished with a game of Carcasonne.

A good day all around but I am ready for the weekend and no more homeschool for a few days!


19.5 19.6


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