Sunday 7 March 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 43

Well, Lockdown 2 is coming to an end and the kids are back at school with some restrictions and varying start and finish times. The Mister and I remain working at home although I will be heading into the office more and more over the next few weeks.

I cannot underestimate how relieved I am to be heading back to normal. This lockdown has been so much harder than the last one in many ways; the weather hasn’t been so good, the kids have been very much more reluctant to do schoolwork and I have had a work laptop which has been both a blessing and a curse as there have been so many more expectations on what work I can achieve at home.

However, we have relished the time together in our new home. As a family we are still functional and we still love each other and want to be together (I haven’t checked with The Mister but he hasn’t said anything to the contrary!).

I am grateful that as an island we have been guided by wise and sensible people who have provided such clear and straightforward guidelines. Our lockdown has lasted a mere 44 days because of the swift decisions making. It’s not been easy but we are getting there.

So… onto Phase 2. As I had back to more structure I will try and keep doing a picture a day but the blog posts are likely to be very much shorter!


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Saturday 6 March 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 43

I started the day with a Joe wicks live workout and followed it with an absolutely baltic swim at Cobo with my sister and friend. It was a fabulous way to start the day but it was incredibly cold today!

We spent the rest of the day in the garden digging out the old blackcurrent and gooseberry bushes and moving them to the side of the garden – they might survive or they might not, time will tell. We also planted some raspberry canes and a couple of blueberry bushes. It is exciting to see the garden starting to change to suit our purposes.

The Little Miss made a rabbit out of a pinecone for a local competition and finished the day with the pinkest bath in the world.

It was a good day.




6.10 6.11


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Friday 5 March 2021


5.3Lockdown 2.0 – Day 42

We’ve made it! Homeschooling is over. Today the kids spent their time watching TV, paying Lego and then later in the afternoon arguing, winding each other up, being mean and fighting.

I dragged them out for a walk down to Dad’s house – The Little Miss wailed for quite a while. I ignored her and started counting to 3 every time she stopped. She was not impressed. When we got home she had a Rainbows Zoom call and I did a Joe Wicks workout. I can’t wait for my new trainers to arrive – my knees are very much protesting at the moment!

This evening The Mister and I ate home made pizza and watching a programme about Chernobyl. Fat Eric was not happy that The Mister was sitting in his seat. Betty was just chilling in front of the fire.



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Thursday 4 March 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 41

It was a very exciting day as this morning I went to give blood for the first time in Guernsey. Super easy and quick and I would recommend that you get yourself registered to donate if you are able to.

This afternoon the kids and I went for a (mostly!) socially distanced walk with my sister and her kids. It was an absolutely gorgeous walk to Moulin Huet – it wasn’t sunny or glorious weather, instead it was a little bit misty and murky but it made the cliffs look so lovely.

It was just lovely to have a walk and a catch up with my sister and I have missed our time together – roll on the next phases so we can get back to normal. We are so fortunate to have such beautiful cliffs to walk on and we saw several people swimming at Petit Port and Moulin Huet. Gorgeous.

At teatime the kids facetimed with the inlaws. It is hilarious seeing how long their hair is getting – they almost have matching curly bobs. They are going to be able to sell it for wigs by the end of lockdown!

The evening ended with a nice fire, a bit of TV and an online quiz with friends.








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Wednesday 3 March 2021


3.3Lockdown 2.0 – Day 40


We have nearly made it to the end of homeschooling in a pandemic (well for this lockdown anyway!)

This morning the children both had Google Meets with their teachers and some of their friends. It was so nice to see them interacting with their peers and they seemed to enjoy it.

The Little Mister had been asked to make a poster expressing how he felt about going back to school. He was reluctant to do it (although he eventually got on with it!) – The Mister and I made one instead and send it to his teacher. I think she was amused.

Dad came for tea. I had to take a photo of him as his hair is getting enormous. It is soft and pouffy and rather lovely.



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Tuesday 2 March 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 39

I had to go to the office today so abandoned The Mister to homeschooling. He was starting to lose the plot by the time I got home so I met my sister and her kids at the beach for some socially distanced entertainment and to give him a bit of peace to do some work.

I really miss seeing my sister and her kids so it was fab to have a bit of catch up time as well as to see how puppy training has been going! It was also such a beautiful afternoon and being outside definitely lifted my spirits.

We are now down to 14 cases and we are completely smashing it and hoping to head out of lockdown in the next few weeks. It feels very satisfying to see the case numbers coming down and I have complete faith in the people in charge of making decisions about the Covid crisis management.







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Monday 1 March 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 38

This morning I took the cats to the vets for their vaccinations and then we got on with school work and work work.

This afternoon I took the kids down to the beach – it was absolutely glorious out there. There were loads of people on the bach and the kids happily spent an hour or so digging and building dams and I drank a cup of tea and read my kindle. Just perfect.

The local news briefing also announced that the kids are heading back to school next week. I am hugely relieved and hope that we will manage to get some sort of normality sometime soon.

Well done Guernsey. We have done an amazing job. Over 400 cases to less than 20 in about a month. That’s pretty impressive.



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Sunday 28 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 37

Sunday – a day of rest. Well not quite although I did have a nice lie-in and woke uup bathed in sunshine. Let’s hope the blinds we have ordered arrive soon.

I spent the morning tidying up and cooking lunch whilst the kids battered lumps out of each other and wound me up by the whinging, moaning and general disagreeableness. Dad came for lunch and then I walked to my friend Viv’s house and met with her and Emma for socially distanced wine and a catch up. It was a much needed time out and I left feeling restored.

It was a beautiful walk home. The sun was lowering in the sky and the daffodils were blooming. Gorgeous.

(I have no idea what the floating green blob is in a couple of the pictures!)




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Saturday 27 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 36

It has been a lovely day. I started it drinking coffee and reading my book on the sofa with the lovely Betty.

We have had a busy day in the garden today. We dug out a load of brambles alongside the wall in the hope that we can turn it into a soft fruit bed. I have ordered some raspberry canes, and strawberry plants as well as a couple of blueberry plants which we will plant in pots. We also have some ropey looking gooseberry and blackcurrant plants in the middle of the garden. We will move them and see what happens. If they survive it will be a bonus.

This afternoon we went to my sister’s house for some socially distanced birthday cake as my gorgeous niece is 10 years old today. Always opinionated and feisty, we love you Eden. You are my favourite niece 😉

These evening I took part in an online book club with my old uni mates and then we finished off the evening with a picnic platter. Perfect. It was the most glorious sunset tonight. A lovely end to a lovely day.







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Friday 26 February 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 35

All I can say is thank goodness it is Friday! It has been a long and tricky week and I am grateful we have all made it here intact and relatively sane!

After some work and school work this morning the kids played this afternoon and then we headed to Vazon for a blissful socially distanced swim with friends. It was absolutely glorious down there and looking at the pics it looks like the height of summer. It was considerably chillier than it looks in the photos!

This evening we ate delicious homemade pizza and custard slices (which were dropped off on the doorstep by a friend – thankyou!), watched a Grace Petrie gig online and then The Little Mister arrived with a tooth in hand. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy is classed as an Essential Worker?!




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