Sunday 31 January 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 9

We had a busy day of cleaning the house and in the morning we went for a nice circular walk from the house – it was very muddy!

The kids FaceTimed some friends and The Little Mister was hilarious bellowing to his ‘amigos’ on WhatsApp. We are lucky to have good friends who are happy to give up their technology to their kids.

We have spent the evening watching The Flight of the the Navigator – I still love it.

Back to juggling work and homeschool tomorrow. The weekend has been a welcome break from the stresses of trying to balance everything.

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Saturday 30 January 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 8

I had a lie-in this morning until 9am and read my book – it was bliss.

We managed a quick walk and then spent the rest of the day I home. I was cooking and The Mister was sorting out the new shelving in the garage. We also Facetimed some family and caught up on the gossip which was lovely.

It has been a tough day in some ways – the kids have been driving me nuts. We all survived though.

I ended the day with an online book group with my friends from uni. I was feeling quite drunk but about 7pm but it was fun!




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Friday 29 January 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 7

Well, we did not expect to be in lockdown for The Mister’s 40th birthday. I had planned lovely things like a Chinese meal out tonight, an overnight stay at a posh hotel tomorrow and a delicious cake. The only thing that went to plan was the cake as lockdown put the kibosh on all the other plans.

Nevertheless we made the most of the day and once we had both got through a morning of work and homeschool (entirely done by The Mister as I was in a Child Protection Conference. The Mister received some fab presents, a delicious lemon cake made by my cousin Tim at Cobo Bakes was delivered and we went for a walk around the cliffs.

Finally, The Mister has made it to 40 (he is signifcantly younger than me!) and I am very grateful and happy to share this life with him. He is a fab husband and Daddy and we love him very much.

This evening Eliza had a Zoom Rainbows session and then we had a Chinese meal from Waitrose, a decent bottle of red and we shared ouo meal with the inlaws on Skype. All-in-all it was a pretty good day – we couldn’t have improve it much in the current circumstances.

Happy birthday Mister. We love you x

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Thursday 28 January 2021

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Lockdown 2.0 – Day 6

Another day of lock-down schooling with uncooperative children and parents who are not sure whether they should be focusing on work or the kids!

We managed a short walk across Richmond beach and back and happened to bump into my sister and the kids so shouted at them from a suitably acceptable social distance.

This evening we resumed our attendance at a Zoom quiz… it was nice to be back and seeing some familiar faces who have been in lock-down rather longer than we have!





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Wednesday 27 January 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 5

It has been a super-busy day as I have had meetings and loads of work to do and so has The Mister. The picture at the top is the set up for my online meeting this morning!

Somehow we have managed to tag-team in and out of home-schooling and even a bit of cleaning. The kids did pretty well with homeschooling today but obviously they are far happier when they have a screen in front of them.

We planned to go out for a walk but the rain was torrential so we had to stay in. I managed to do a Joe Wicks bootcamp work out which nearly broke me. I feel exhausted!

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Tuesday 26 January 2021

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Lockdown 2.0 – Day 4

A challenging day of home schooling two children and managing working at home for two busy parents. Some how we managed it and survived to lunchtime when we packed it all in and headed off for a walk across the beach.

I even attempted to make Joe Wicks flapjacks. Complete failure as there was not enough fat to hold it together. It is now granola!


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Monday 25 January 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 3

Back to work today. It was very odd having to social distance and wear masks in the office. I went in today to collect a laptop and all my bits and pieces to enable me to work at home as much as possible. There were lots of calls from stressed and anxious clients who wanted everything sorted IMMEDIATELY and some things took a bit of time.

I finally arrived home at 4ish and The Mister was stuck on a work call so I took the kids out for a quick trot across the beach. It was absolutely glorious ans I really needed a breath of fresh air.

Naming the gratitudes on a daily basis. Lovely to be able to go to the beach. Grateful to have a workplace which is facilitating home working and so happy to be in our new house which is bigger.






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Sunday 24 January 2021


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Lockdown 2.0 – Day 2

I had a lovely relaxing morning before cooking Dad’s first lock-down Sunday lunch which I delivered to him. The news briefing at lunchtime stated that they not have 31 positive cases (an increase from about 8 cases yesterday) including cases in two local schools. Looks like the decision to lockdown immediately was a good one although I am anticipating that the positive cases will number well over 100.

After lunch we went for a walk in the hail – The Little Mister was pretty restless and needed some fresh air and exercise. Having a boy is a little like having a puppy! The Mister went for a long run this morning and then The Little Miss joined him for another mile and a half – she did brilliantly.

We have had a lovely day. I fished out the face-masks I bought ages ago and I have to go to work tomorrow. I have already had a lot of anxious text messages from clients. I am anticipating a busy week – I just hope that someone will sort out a laptop for me with remote access this time!


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Satuday 23 January 2021


Lockdown 2.0 – Day 1

Well, today hasn’t turned out quite as expected! We had a really busy day and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get everything done.

However, I was in the gym at 8am doing a weights class and the radio news came on saying that there had been 4 new cases of COVD-19 diagnosed, none of which had a clear travel history or were related to each other. Obviously, there are significant concerns about the route of transmission. The news briefing also said that the leisure centre was shut to everyone…. which was weird as I was in the gym there. Needless to say we got ushered out rather quickly.

I paid a quick visit to Waitrose where there were already social distancing measures and queueing, and at 12pm there was a hastily convened news briefing announcing that we are going into a lockdown with immediate effect. This came as no surprise but it was rather unexpected.

So, as had been our usual routine during lockdown, we dragged out two moaning and whinging children for a walk. It was a beautiful but chilly day. The kids soon warmed up to the outing and we had a lovely time together.

Lockdown distance walked… 2.5 miles.



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Friday 22 January 2021

22Love this Little Mister.

He is taking his violin practice quite seriously these days…. maybe because he is allowed some TV once he is done!

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