Oh how I need a holiday!!

Work has been pretty vile (if I never hear the word Data Quality again it is still going to be too soon) and I just can’t wait to get away and relax. Not that it is all going to be lounging around… oh no!

On Friday The Mister and I fly to Guernsey for a wedding on Saturday. We fly back on Sunday and head straight to South Wales to go camping near birdie and we are camping with some other friends. I can’t wait! I love camping and to make it even better the campsite has its own ice cream parlour. Then on Thursday we head off to Cheltenham so we can go to Greenbelt on Friday.

It is going to be blissful!! I am missing The Mister and I get to spend a whole 12 days with him… as well doing lots of things I love.

Bring it on.

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Crochet loveliness

Today I bought a lovely crochet blanket for the bargain price of £3 from a charity shop. I love these blankets. They are so colourful and gorgeous and they make my happy. I do like colour, lots of it, preferably clashing and all together. I think this is probably why I love patchwork quilts, especially random ones. The Mister on the other hand likes things a little plainer. Oh well, never mind. I am sure he will change his mind when this lovely blanket is on our bed in the tent at Greenbelt!!!


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Yorkshire shipmeet

I have had a lovely day. I drove up to Leeds yesterday to see The Mister and today we met up with a bunch of people from the Ship of Fools.

It was an absolutely lovely day (or as my Mum would say, it was glorious) and so we went to Roundhay Park in Leeds before meeting the Shipmates at Tropical World. We had a little wander around there, they even have some of my favourite animals in the whole world… Meercats!! I think they are absolutely gorgeous and seem to have really funny characters. After sweating our knickers off in the heat of Tropical World we repaired to the cafe for a little light refreshment before some of us headed to the pub for supper.

It seems to me that the more Shipmeets you go to the more normal it seems to be meeting people off the internet. I suppose that is because you end up seeing people you have met before, and who have in some cases become very good friends. Or it might be that you just get used to spending time with new and different people and that meeting t’internet friends becomes a welcome addition to your life. I have heard people say that people who meet people off the internet probably lack social skills. In my experience it is the exact opposite. The people I have met though the Ship of Fools tend to be extremely socially competent, and the internet has added something to their life rather than being the whole of their life.

It’s a fun way to meet friends, both old and new, and I recommend it.

Here are some pics…


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