Week 21 – 22-28 May 2023


21.1My week started with hitting 1900 miles on Basil the bike and going out for dinner with friends which was really nice – what was less nice was the hangover on a work day. Not a good idea!

The Little Mister went on school camp for two nights. They had amazing weather and a fantastic time – he had one night to bathe and sleep at home and then we went camping again!

The rest of this week was all about preparing for camping at the end of the week. My shopping mostly consisted of sugary cereal, crisps and other snacks and booze.

On Saturday we went to stay at Fauxquets Valley Campsite which is a fantastic campsite about a mile from our house. The facilities are immaculate, it has a swimming pool and animals. We wee camping with friends so in total there were 13 adults and 12 kids and it was fab.

The kids spent most of their time buying sweets, careering around on their bikes, playing in the games room and swimming. They had a wonderful time. The adults spent most of their time reading their books and drinking booze. We had a wonderful time 🙂

On Sunday we walked to The Fleur du Jardin where we had booked a table for 21 as some xtra families joined us. The staff had set us up a fantastic private room with place names and we had our our balcony for drinks. They were brilliant and could not have been more helpful.

A fantastic end to a fantastic week.




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Week 20 – 15-21 May 2023


The week started with Mum’s birthday and as is tradition I went out for dinner with Dad and my sister. It is always lovely to have an excuse to go out together although it was short meal as I had to get to choir.

The Little Mister had the opportunity to participate in a Digital Leader day which he absolutely loved – anything to do with screens and technology and he is one happy boy!

We had a number of Cubs activities this week and I went to help with various gardening activity at Edward’s Cubs. There was much hilarity in general, amongst both the leaders and the kids. It was a fab evening.

On Friday evening The Mister and I darted between a family Golden Wedding party and to The Little Miss’ Ciubs where she was invested. She as so proud to get her neckie and due to the hard work and dedication of our wonderful friend Kayleigh she also received a fistful of badges as well as her investment badges.

Saturday was exceptionally busy as The Little Mister was involved in the Youth Games where he was playing in a hockey tournament in the afternoon and then there was the closing ceremony in the afternoon. It was fantastic to see so many kids participating in sport. In the middle of it all I popped out to sing at a lovely wedding.

What a fab week!


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Week 19 – 8-14 May 2023


The week started with two bank holidays – Monday was for the King’s Coronation and we had a nice day doing stuff in the garden and getting bits and pieces done. Tuesday was Liberation Day and we headed down to Cobo for a swim in the murky weather, the kids stayed in for ages and then in the afternoon we went to the local parish celebrations and watch the cavalcade before heading off the L’Eree where they had a few more things going on. We had a lovely chilled out afternoon.

On Thursday I wasn’t very well with a nasty cold so stayed at home and took as many cold and flu remedies as I could find because on Friday I was singing at a concert. I just about made it but had very little voice left by the end of it!

Our friend Tom arrived on Saturday as he and The Mister, along with my sister, were running GU36, the Guernsey Ultra which is a 36 mile race; the first 16 miles are on the cliff so it is a bit brutal. It is a nice event to be around, the atmosphere is lovely and it is very supportive.

The Sister did well, coming in first woman in a time of 5 hours and 55 minutes. The Mister finished, in one piece in a time of 6 hours 58 minutes which was faster than his last time. Unfortunately Tom had to pull out at 26 miles due to problems with his calf. They all did so well though.





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Week 18 – 1-7 May 2023


18-4On Monday the kids and The Mister took part in the World Aid Walk which is a 20lm walk raising money for several charities. It was a glorious day, sunny but with a brisk wind and the whole event went really well. I was busy selling t-shirts and helping out whilst they all worked and I cruised about on my bike. Fun.

It was quite a busy week at work but everything was gearing up for the big celebrations at the weekend for the Coronation of King Charles III.

On Saturday morning we all went to my friend Emma’s house to watch the big event and we had lunch together. I even made a caake with a Crown on it.

We had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed all the pomp and ceremony of the event, but I especially enjoyed the choral music. Just lovely!



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Week 17 – 24-30 April 2023

10This week has mostly been characterised by washing and absolutely loads of it!!! It has been back to work and back to hard work and the holiday is a distant memory!!

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday and Dad came for lunch. He and Eric had some quality time together as usual.

On Sunday morning I sang at a local church with choir. It was quite fun to do a more formal church service for a change.

On Sunday afternoon we had to go to the AGM for The Little Miss’ Scout group and that was fun and the kids had a go on the zip line and the high rope. They did well, especially The Little Mister who is quite scared of heights. I am always proud of them when they give it a go.




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Week 16– 17-23 April 2023




42On Tuesday we took a trip into Manchester to go to the rather fabulous Manchester Museum which has had a recent massive makeover. The Mister was especially pleased to see the giant spider crab is still on display. We booked tickets to go and see the Golden Mummies Exhibition which was fab. I was very taken with the portraits of normal Egyptian (although probably pretty rich!) people. One Tuesday evening The Mister’s brother and his girlfriend headed off the the airport as they had an early flight the next time. It has been fab to see then both and spend some time together.

On Wednesday we went to pick up the inlaws and we headed to Chester for a few days. Despite the drizzly weather we braved a guided tour with a Roman Centurion who was called Cassius. It was great fun and the kids enjoyed it. We also popped into Chester Cathedral which was lovely.

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On Thursday we took a trip to Chester Zoo. We had a fabulous day out but the site is vast. We managed to persuade the mother-in-law to let us borrow a manual wheelchair but on reflection they both could have done with hiring a mobility scooter to make the day out a bit more manageable. A great day out but very expensive.


53On Friday we went to see a tourist attraction called Sick to Death which was about terrible illnesses and the development of medicines. The Little Miss was so traumatised she didn’t even make it down the first corridor before she had to leave. It was a tricky day as the inlaws were knackered and everyone was a bit grumpy.

On Saturday we left Chester, dropped the inlaws at home and headed down the mototway to Poole to get the boat the next day. We were home by about 3pm on Sunday to lots of unpacking and washing.

A really good but tiring holiday.

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