Week 19 – 8-14 May 2023


The week started with two bank holidays – Monday was for the King’s Coronation and we had a nice day doing stuff in the garden and getting bits and pieces done. Tuesday was Liberation Day and we headed down to Cobo for a swim in the murky weather, the kids stayed in for ages and then in the afternoon we went to the local parish celebrations and watch the cavalcade before heading off the L’Eree where they had a few more things going on. We had a lovely chilled out afternoon.

On Thursday I wasn’t very well with a nasty cold so stayed at home and took as many cold and flu remedies as I could find because on Friday I was singing at a concert. I just about made it but had very little voice left by the end of it!

Our friend Tom arrived on Saturday as he and The Mister, along with my sister, were running GU36, the Guernsey Ultra which is a 36 mile race; the first 16 miles are on the cliff so it is a bit brutal. It is a nice event to be around, the atmosphere is lovely and it is very supportive.

The Sister did well, coming in first woman in a time of 5 hours and 55 minutes. The Mister finished, in one piece in a time of 6 hours 58 minutes which was faster than his last time. Unfortunately Tom had to pull out at 26 miles due to problems with his calf. They all did so well though.





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