2014 Project365 (Day 90)

Pink piglet in wellies
Whilst yesterday I concentrated on my Mum and how much I miss her there was also another part of Mothering Sunday.

My wonderful little boy appears to have fabulous taste and bought me some chocolates and stuff to go in my bath and some lovely tulips.

He also bought me this lovely card featuring a pink piglet wearing red wellies. It really made me smile and The Little Mister thinks it is marvellous and keeps giggling when he sees it.

We are very fortunate. We have so much and I am truly grateful for my wonderful husband and son. They have kept me going and I love them very much. Thank you boys xxx

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2014 Project365 (Day 89)

Mothering SundayMothering Sunday was never going to be an easy day this year. Last year was a great day to remember, finally I had achieved my long held dream of being a mother myself and my lovely Mum was still alive. This year, I still have a beautiful son, I am pregnant again but my lovely Mum is no longer with us and the pain of that is still terrible.

My sister and I went to the cemetery today and we took Mum flowers. I am sure it is against the rules to plant things actually in the ground but her grave looks like a flower bed! So, we planted these gorgeous ranunculous flowers, one from each of us and a third from the grandchildren.

Oh Mum, I miss you so much.

Life without you is infinitely poorer and we miss you so very much. It is only now that we recognise just how much you did for us; all the quiet sorting out and looking after the children, the times you made meals for us or how often we would eat together at your house. The children miss you desperately – your delight in being with them was wonderful and we miss your free childcare which we always took for granted but now miss more than ever.

My sister and I just miss you. You were the best Mum we ever had as well as being one of our best friends. Of course we miss all the things you did for us, but more than anything we miss you company, laughter, kindness, support and the very great love you showed us.

Happy Mothering Sunday Mum, with all our love as always.

Mother and daughters

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2014 Project365 (Day 88)

Ice-cream fiendI know there are loads of photos recently of The Little Mister but he is just so damn photogenic!

This afternoon we took a short walk around the park and fed the ducks on the way. The Little Mister is rather partial to an ice-cream although he was less interested in eating his own Mini Milk and just wanted to eat Daddy’s Magnum!

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2014 Project365 (Day 87)

Sleeping bearThe Mister has had the day off work today and it has been a busy one!

We had The Little Mister’s swimming lesson and this afternoon he had some more photos taken for his year book. We then met my sister and the kids for tea at the local garden centre.

This is my favourite picture of the day though. The Little Mister was completely worn out by all the fun today and even getting him out of the car didn’t wake him up too much.

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2014 Project365 (Day 86)

Baby baby
Today The Mister and I went to the hospital for our 20 week scan. I have been a bit anxious about it but the technology is amazing these days and it is just incredible to see the detail and the specific things they are looking for during the scan. The sonographer took loads of measurements and took time to explain everything that we were seeing which was lovely.

The baby was being a bit awkward and had their hands up in front of their face so the sonographer struggled to get a decent picture of the face and upper lip. Eventually though all the measurements were done and everything looked OK. At one point the baby looked like they were waving to us – amazing stuff!!

So, all that can be said now is say hello to our beautiful daughter… yes we are having a girl! How exciting!!

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2014 Project365 (Day 85)

Sunny daffsThese beautiful spring flowers cheering up my kitchen.

I love daffodils. They are very happy flowers!

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2014 Project365 (Day 84)

Counting our blessings
Today has been a difficult day as it is 6 months since Mum died. I guess we mark out the first year with the big anniversaries, the ‘firsts’ of everything but no-one could tell me just how bloody painful they could be.

Tonight we had my sister and her family and Dad over for dinner. The kids were going absolutely bonkers, screaming around the house and then entertaining us all my dancing in the lounge. They are becoming funnier than ever when they are together and it is just lovely.

My niece and nephew arrived to tell me that they both wanted to stay over for the night (in our bed no less!) but they were placated with a bath with their little cousin. Let’s just say, the bathroom required mopping down when they were done.

It has been a very difficult day but being together has felt like we have very physically counted out blessings. Instead of focussing on the absence of Mum which is so profound and devastating for us all, we have focussed on what we do have.

Mum would have loved seeing us all together so we will carrying on being together, laughing together and celebrating all that we have, and we do have a lot.

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2014 Project365 (Day 83)

Boy and catI love to see The Little Mister playing with his pussy cat Mabel. We have had her since she was a couple of months old and she is really gently with him. She often bats him with her paws but rarely puts claws out. I am hoping that we might get another cat soon to keep her company as I don’t really want her to be on her own.

I grew up with cats and my Dad is a bit of a cat fanatic, so a house doesn’t really seem like a home for me without one or two feline companions.

There is nothing nicer than having a purring cat lying with you in bed or sitting next to you on the sofa. They are wonderful companions and pictures like this one make me smile.

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2014 Project365 (Day 82)

The Dandelion ProjectIt has been a glorious day here today but the sunshine and blue skies hid a deceptively cold wind.

This afternoon we wandered down to the beach to meet up with my sister and some of their friends from The Dandelion Project. This is an exciting new venture looking at ways in which we can improve our community. Who knows what will happen but it will be exciting.

The beach was absolutely freezing. The wind was bitterly cold and The Little Mister was not amused by being asked to walk on the sand!

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2014 Project365 (Day 81)

Baby carIt’s been a busy day of household and garden chores, shopping and visiting garden centres and DIY shops!

At one of the garden centres they have this fabulous selection of ride-on mowers, including ones that are ideal for children.

I think The Little Mister might like this one for Christmas please Grandpa!

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