Week 30 – 24-30 July 2023


A busy first week of the school summer holidays.

30.5The kids spent the week at Outdoor Guernsey and they had a fantastic time – coasteering, nerf wars, archery, climbing etc.

Even better it was The Little Miss’ 9th birthday and it was on Friday which meant she had a brilliant time at Outdoor Guernsey. I had made a couple of massive chocolate cakes for them all and she had a great time. We had a few friends and family over and had pizza for tea. We are lucky to have such a fabulous daughter although she is definitely like a grumpy teenager at times!

Saturday was a really busy day. In the mornung we went for a walk to do the Scarecrow Walk. Such a fun, creative event. In the afternoon/evening we had a massive family party. It was billed as a 100th birthday party as my Uncle was 70 and my cousin was 30. It was a fantastic excuse to all get together (I reckon there was at least 60 of us!) and I had such a fun evening. I love my family. Fun and entertaining.

The weekend ended with an invite for the kids to swim in my cousins pool and then a BBQ at Dad’s house with my aunt and uncle and cousins. We also had some family staying so it was a mental and busy weekend and it was such a wonderful time.

I am absolutely knackered now though!






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Week 15 – 10-16 April 2023


Well this week didn’t quite start as planned. The Mister and I had been watching the weather reports closely because force 8 winds were predicated for the day we were due to sail overnight. At lunchtime on Tuesday our boat for the next day was cancelled so I spent a while on hold to Condor and then before I knew it we were booked on the 5.30pm sailing that night. My poor boss watched me pack up my desk and leave before me even clearing it with him! It was that or wait until Friday night! I packed within 2 hours and my sister had to take the cats to the cattery and my friend came to clear out and clean my fridge for me!

So, On Tuesday evening we ended up on the boat trying to book a Premier Inn on the south coast for that night but pretty much everything was booked due to it being the Easter Holidays so we ended up in one in Eastleigh which was fine for the night. So, we had a couple of extra days which was surprising and on

ON Wednesday we went to RAF Cosford whih was really good but too many planes for me but The Mister enjoyed it. We then headed up to Stoke and stayed in another Premier Inn.

On Thursday we had a brilliant morning visiting Gladstone Pottery Museum which is where they film the pottery programme on Channel 4. It was so interesting and a fascinating look at bottle kilns and the pottery industry.

26In the afternoon we headed up to Hyde to see The Mister’s parents and his brother and his girlfriend who are over from America. We are staying in the nearest Premier Inn which was OK – we have done a bit of a tour of them this week!

On Friday we went into Stockport to visit The Hat Works Museum. It was fascinating, especially as both of The Mister’s grandmothers worked in the hat industry. The whole place is being refurbished so they are running pre-booked private tours. It was really good. We then visited the Air Raid Shelters which I found very interesting as there were about 3000 Guernsey children evacuate to the area.

The rest of the week has been spent with seeing a lot of the family and we had some of the extended family visiting on Sunday. I am pleased for The Mister that he has had the chance to catch up with them. We have especially enjoyed seeing his brother and his girlfriend – she and The Little Miss have bonded over colouring!








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Week 11 – 13 – 19 March 2023


This has been a busy week but one full of good things.

The Little Miss took part in the Eisteddfod and she recited a poem – she did brilliantly and had lovely, kind comments from the adjudicator

The weather was good enough to have lunch in the garden at the weekend and we had a handsome, but stupid, male pheasant visiting the garden.

On Saturday I managed a fab cycle, swim at Horseshoe Pool with my friend Emma and then a trip to church for a green event which was lovely. So many people to catch up with.

The weekend ended with Mothering Sunday. Always a day of mixed emotions but one in which my sister and I talked a little about Mum whilst going out for dinner and visiting her grave with the children.

We have so many blessings and so much to be grateful for.







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Tuesday 31 May 2022


It is half term this week and both of us have some holiday time with the kids. Today we went off to Herm for the day. It was a little showery and blustery when we started out but we had such a lovely day together. It seems that we rarely spend a day just the four of us and it was so nice to be together.

We headed over to Shell Beach and The Mister hired a canoe for an hour and took the kids out. I took the opportunity to have a quiet, and very delicious, prosecco.

After lunch we walked around the cliffs back to Rosaire Steps before getting the boat home.

What a lovely day. We are so fortunate.






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Sunday 20 March 2022


I love entertaining but I have been quite poor recently at inviting people over. Life is just so busy that it is easy to make excuses.

Today Auntie Josie and Uncle Howard came for lunch along with out friend Kayleigh. Even if I say so myself I cooked a pretty mean roast beef lunch with all the trimmings. I also through together this incredibly easy and very delicious Lemon Meringue Fridge Cake. It was good.

More than anything though it was lovely to catch up with Auntie Josie and spend some time together – she is looking pretty fabulous for 80 I think (don’t tell her I told you that!)


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Saturday 25 December 2021

25.4 25.3

We have had a lovely, quiet sort of Christmas Day. I had intended that we would go out for a brisk walk this morning but the weather was so awful that we didn’t bother!

The kids opened their stockings in our bed and then we had breakfast followed by more family presents, Dad popped in for lunch and we Skyped the inlaws and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. We went to my sister’s house at 4ish where we had a lovely Christmas dinner and we played a game. I haved receoved some lovely presents of a jewellry box, a reflective jacket for when I am cycling and a label maker!

We had such a lovely day and I am hugely grateful for my lovely family. We enjoyed a meal together, the kids played beautifully together and we enjoyed each others company. The best gift of all for me is to be together, and unfortunately so many people have been apart from their loved ones this Christmas due to Covid. I am grateful for all we have.

Such a lovely day.


25.7 25.8




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16 September 2019


Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon at the beach with my cousins, aunts and uncles and all the kids. It was nice to get together and just chill out. We even had a nice swim – it wasn’t too cold!

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31 July 2019

Family beach trip

Several of my cousins were over for a holiday so we all met up at the beach with the kids and had chips for tea.

Unfortunately the weather was really quite disappointing – it has been gorgeous for weeks and on the day we wanted hot sun it was cloudy!

Oh well, it was fabulous to see everyone – we just don’t get together often enough.

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4 February 2019

4 Feb

Just one more photo from the weekend.

Happy days x

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1 February 2019

1 Feb

Well as predicted my mother-in-law cried when we all turned up. She was aware The Mister was coming but she was not expecting all of us to be there!!

We had a lovely day doing to Stockport, buying school shoes and the kids had a wondering time time with Grandma, Grandad and Uncle David from America!

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