Week 25 – 19-25 June 2023


It’s been a funny old week as I have felt really quite off-colour. I am not sure whether it is the heat or something else.

We have seen the kittens a few times and The Little Miss is really besotted with one of the black ones. She is on a bit of a charm offensive to persuade The Mister that we need one. He is proving to be a tough nut to crack! Who could resist her cute face though?

On Tuesday I went out for a sail with The Little Mister’s class as they were taken out on a clipper. It was a perfect afternoon and the kids had a fabulous experience.

I ended the week by going to Herm with some of my work colleagues for a wedding dance. It was a really warm evening which was perfect and my cousin’s band The Rubix was playing – they are a covers band and it was such fun. I danced until my feet hurt, and then I got the boat back to Guernsey and cycled home. A fabulous end to the week.






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Tuesday 31 May 2022


It is half term this week and both of us have some holiday time with the kids. Today we went off to Herm for the day. It was a little showery and blustery when we started out but we had such a lovely day together. It seems that we rarely spend a day just the four of us and it was so nice to be together.

We headed over to Shell Beach and The Mister hired a canoe for an hour and took the kids out. I took the opportunity to have a quiet, and very delicious, prosecco.

After lunch we walked around the cliffs back to Rosaire Steps before getting the boat home.

What a lovely day. We are so fortunate.






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Sunday 11 July 2021


Today was a much better start to the day because it wasn’t raining. Unfortunately they will only transport luggage to two boats from the campsite so we decided to head home at lunchtime – also the weather was due to deteriorate again and England were playing in the final of Euro 2020 so I wanted to watch that.

We packed up and had breakfast in The Ship where we remained for a couple of hours drinking coffee, reding anf the kids played games.

A lovely peaceful couple of days, despite the weather.

Home to watch to football – England lost on penalties to Italy.



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Saturday 10 July 2021


Overnight we had torrential rain and then we were woken at 4am by the kids thinking it was an appropriate time to wake up. The adults took turns to shout at the children until they went back to sleep.

After a breakfast in the tent we headed down to the harbour to go and have a look in the shop and we had a coffee at The Ship. It was drizzly and grey and damp but Herm is so beautiful in every weather. We had a nice circuitous walk back to the campsite and we had lunch before heading to Belvoir Bay. The weather reports kept saying that the weather was meant to pick up but to be honest it remained grey. The girls went swimming and the boys played on the beach.

In the evening we walked back down to The Mermaid for a really good dinner before heading back to the campsite. The kids were exhausted so they went ti bed a bit more easily tonight.

Despite the grey weather we had a fab day.







10.5 10.20

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Friday 9 July 2021


After work we headed off to Herm for a camping trip for a couple of nights with friends.

It was a lovely evening and when we arrived the girls had a wuick swim off the harbour before we headed up to the campsite. When we got there is turned out that they had made an error and only booked us unto a 6 berth tent rather than an 8 berth. It was quickly resolved and we settled down to chilli con carne for tea. Dessert was a selection of swiss rolls, beautifully displayed on a chipping board.

The kids were incredibly excited and when we finally got them to bed the adults played a couple of games of Uno and had a few drinks.

9.3 9.4


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Day 217

Super Swimming Sister

Today my amazing, and slightly insane, sister Louise (on the left of this picture) took on her latest endurance challenge.

Along with 4 other people she swam to Herm at about 2.30am, had a few hours rest and then swam around Herm and then waited for the tides to change and swam back to Guernsey. She looked so incredibly strong and I was so proud of her for taking on such a ridiculous challenge.

The weather could not have been more perfect, warm and sunny with minimal wind for 2 out of 3 leg, it was perfect weather. We looked after my niece and nephew so they joined us on the trip over to see their Mum swimming.

A brilliant day out. Well done Louise. You make me proud.

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A year in pictures – Day 217

Sam & Babs

Had an amazing day today.

My cousin Sam, his wife Sally and their 10 week old baby Cassian are over visiting for the weekend so we went to Herm for the day.

Herm is a rather special little island. There are no cars so you have to work everywhere and it is rather Jurassic Park looking with loads of fern edged cliff paths and loads of bees and butterflies to see.

The children were delighted to see Sam and Sally who are great fun and they were often found holding their hands as we walked along. Very lovely. We are so lucky to have such an amazing family.

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2016 Project366 (Day 328)

Traffic jam

I had a meeting today and due to loads and loads of roadworks I sat in traffic but this lovely view of Herm and Jethou was out of the window.

There are worse places to sit in a traffic jam I guess.

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2016 Project366 (Day 242)

Beach timeSuch a shame that we had to pack up and go home today because the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

We managed to get a few hours on Belvoir Beach. The children and The Mister were happy digging holes and I managed to finish a book!

Whilst I feel tired a few days together camping in Herm was very restorative. The Little Mister made us laugh though when he walked into the tent and said ‘errrrr Mummy…. where do we watch television’? Erm….. surprise!

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2016 Project366 (Day 241)

Just wandering

This weekend we have gone camping in Herm. It’s such a little island just off the coast of Guernsey but it feels like being a million miles away!

The only way to get around is to walk and despite the really blustery weather we managed to enjoy our wander.

I love this picture of the The Mister and The Little Miss. They have such a lovely relationship.

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