The end of 2015

I cannot believe that we are already at the end of the year. The time has gone by so fast and this year so much has happened, and yet it feels like hardly anything has happened as well!

We started this year with me returning to work in January after 6 months of maternity leave. I won’t pretend that it has been an easy transition and sometimes I feel like my life is one giant juggling act. I feel like I never quite give my best to either my work or my family life and everything is a bit of a compromise. I guess that is pretty normal for a working Mum to feel though!

February saw The Little Miss’ christening and the arrival of a couple of glorious Fairy Godfathers.

So much of the year has been spent enjoying The Little Mister who has, in the last year started pre-school which he absolutely adores, learned to scoot at great speed and has generally developed into a hilarious, spirited little creature who has the most spectacular strops every now and then. We love him so much and his naughtiness is more-or-less balanced out by awesomeness.

BlessingsThe Little Miss has gone from being a little baby to a toddler. The change in 12 months is extraordinary and she is now running and starting to talk and is also developing a fairly clear opinion of what she wants. One of the biggest pleasures in life is seeing just how much the two children love each other. The Little Mister is so proud of his sister and often announces to complete strangers when we are out and about that ‘This is my sister.’ Holiday friends

In April we went on a family holiday with my Dad and my sister and her family. We went to Cyprus and had a fantastic time although we would have liked it a little warmer. In August we went on holiday with our friends Tom and Anne and their three boys. We stayed in a fab farmhouse in Brittany and had an amazing time relaxing, reading, drinking wine and laughing. One of the downsides of living on this little rock is not seeing friends so often.

Chief MartynOf course throughout the year we continued to think of Mum. So many times I wish she had been here to share an experience, especially in seeing the children growing up. We continue to grow together as a family, learning how to live life without Mum. We continue to talk of her to the children recounting things she did, what she was like and how fun she was. The children will know her through our words and stories of her.

This year my Dad and my sister went out to Burkina Faso to open the school that we’d had built in memory of her through Compassion UK. It was so wonderful to see the photos of Dad with his sponsor child Amelie and to know that we have made a difference to over three hundred children at this time and many more to come in the future. Review4

As always the amazing Mister has continued to work hard for our family and he is an awesome husband and father. I think life would be so much harder without him. I am grateful for his calmness and kindness, even when I am being a melodramatic nightmare.

  • So, what else has happened?
  • My brother-in-law ran on a treadmill for 48 hours.
  • I went on a choir trip to Biberach.
  • The Mister took up fencing (the sport not the DIY activity)
  • The inlaws came to visit several times.
  • Two kittens, Betty & Eric came to live with us.
  • I hit the big 40!

It has been a good year  Things have changed and moved on. Babies have grown into toddlers and toddlers into little boys.

We march onwards into 2016 and who knows what that might hold for us. Happy New Year x

My family

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2015 Project365 (Day 365)

Many blessings

The very last day of the year and a final photo of some of the most important people in my life. Only The Little Mister is missing.

So much to be grateful for.

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2015 Project365 (Day 364)

Nice catsuit Betty!Today our little kitty cats went to be spayed and neutered.

The process seems loads easier for Eric and apart from missing his balls he is fine and dandy.

Betty has been put in this special suit to try and stop her getting to the stitches. Apparently she went crazy when she came round from the anaesthetic and managed to rip out all the stitches straight away.

What are the chances of everything being intact in the morning? Any advice form anyone?

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2015 Project365 (Day 363)

Beautiful girlsToday is one of those days when someone else has taken a far better picture than I have!

This is my cousin Stefi and my gorgeous daughter. Stef also happens to be one of The Little Miss’ godmothers.

Today Stef and her parents returned to the UK after having spent Christmas here. Such an amazing time with them all and such a blessing to have them over. I have to admit that I especially miss Stef (or Pedro as she is often called!) because she lived with my parents for quite a few years and she is rather like an annoying little sister.

So today, a picture of two of my beautiful girls. Love you both.

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2015 Project365 (Day 362)

The MisterI love this picture although I took it a couple of days ago.

I am so fortunate that I have such an amazing husband. He is totally mu rock and has been so supportive over the last few years.

He is also a phenomenal father and has an amazing relationship with our children.

The Mister is one of my biggest blessings and I am a truly fortunate lady. He was worth waiting for.

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2015 Project365 (Day 361)


After a leisurely morning we headed to my Dad’s house for another family lunch before taking a quick walk on the beach.

This is my amazing sister Louise. I appreciate her so much, but don’t tell her as often as I should. Without her life would be much harder and I would certainly find things more difficult.

I love you Smell-Bags x

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2015 Project365 (Day 360)

Boxing Day Dip

Boxing Day and time for the traditional dip at Cobo Bay which is in aid of the local Cheshire Homes.

This year The Mister went in with my cousins Sam, Sally and Matt. Apparently the sea was chilly but the air temperature was surprisingly warm.

After a quick dip we all headed back to my dad’s house where lots of the family turned up for coffee, mulled wine and mince pies. So nice to see everyone.

In the evening we had another family do which was fab but by the evening I was all peopled out and more than ready to be at home watching the TV!

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2015 Project365 (Day 359)

Christmas 2015

Another Christmas Day where we have eaten too much delicious food and spent time relaxing with family.

This year my Aunt and Uncle were over for Christmas and my Auntie Cath and my cousins were cooking lunch. This was awesome as it freed me up a bit to spend time with The Mister and the kids.

Today’s picture shows The Little Miss sitting in front of the hit present of the day. The Little Miss’ Fairy Godfathers bought her this awesome kitchen for her Christmas present. Both she and The Little Mister have really enjoyed playing with it along with all the toy food that various people have given her.

Once again though I thought so much about Mum. This is the third Christmas without her and they don’t seem to be getting easier, they just seem to be different. I missed her so much today when I was thinking about the children. I wonder how Christmas would look if she were still here. They certainly would be different.

Don’t get me wrong. I love life and I daily count the blessings but it doesn’t stop me wishing for what might have been at times.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family. Thankyou for being part of our lives. Much love xxxx

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2015 Project365 (Day 358)

ChristingleA busy Christmas eve cooking the turkey, making gravy and making the trifle.

Once The Mister had finished work we went to church for the Christingle.

Hilarious service involving an 8 foot orange. I mean what could possibly go wrong? Small children and fire for example. Nah! It’ll all be fine!

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2015 Project365 (Day 357)

Birthday girl

Today I reached the grand old age of 40. The date has been on the horizon for an entire year but to be honest I have been feeling fairly philosophical about it all!

I went out for lunch with my sister and her kids, and my Dad and The Mister and the kids and then I went and had my hair cut. It was fab to have a little bit of time to myself.

In the evening I had a party. I felt a bit like a drama queen insisting on having a party, especially as it is so close to Christmas but it was awesome to see so many people and to get the chance to catch up.

Of course the one person I wish could have been there is my Mum. 40 years ago today she brought me into the world and I would have loved her to be there to celebrate it me. Such is life though. I wore her locket so she was there in some way.

A massive thankyou to The Mister, my sister and my Dad for organising my party. It was fab and I appreciated it so much.

Such an awesome day and thanks to everyone who helped me to celebrate.

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