Week 16– 17-23 April 2023




42On Tuesday we took a trip into Manchester to go to the rather fabulous Manchester Museum which has had a recent massive makeover. The Mister was especially pleased to see the giant spider crab is still on display. We booked tickets to go and see the Golden Mummies Exhibition which was fab. I was very taken with the portraits of normal Egyptian (although probably pretty rich!) people. One Tuesday evening The Mister’s brother and his girlfriend headed off the the airport as they had an early flight the next time. It has been fab to see then both and spend some time together.

On Wednesday we went to pick up the inlaws and we headed to Chester for a few days. Despite the drizzly weather we braved a guided tour with a Roman Centurion who was called Cassius. It was great fun and the kids enjoyed it. We also popped into Chester Cathedral which was lovely.

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On Thursday we took a trip to Chester Zoo. We had a fabulous day out but the site is vast. We managed to persuade the mother-in-law to let us borrow a manual wheelchair but on reflection they both could have done with hiring a mobility scooter to make the day out a bit more manageable. A great day out but very expensive.


53On Friday we went to see a tourist attraction called Sick to Death which was about terrible illnesses and the development of medicines. The Little Miss was so traumatised she didn’t even make it down the first corridor before she had to leave. It was a tricky day as the inlaws were knackered and everyone was a bit grumpy.

On Saturday we left Chester, dropped the inlaws at home and headed down the mototway to Poole to get the boat the next day. We were home by about 3pm on Sunday to lots of unpacking and washing.

A really good but tiring holiday.

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